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Buna Canals: The place where Buna kisses Neretva

How many times have you passed from Mostar towards Chapljina and further towards the Adriatic Sea, without stopping at the Buna Canals? This protected nature monument is located near Buna, south of Mostar, along the main road M-17 Mostar. The Buna Canals are slightly more than 12 kilometers from Mostar and it is possible to…

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Mostar Property Management: You rest, we work for you

Do you want to be serious about renting accommodation for tourist purposes? If the answer is yes and you want to make extra money from it, you have certainly done research and concluded that there are two options for managing your accommodation for tourist rental. If you have enough of free time and knowledge, you…

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Mostar: Hotel Marriott will soon open its door

Mostar attracts many tourists every year, from within the country and the world due to its tourist attractions, primarily the Old Bridge. The current accommodation facilities are under pressure and it is necessary to build new hotels, hostels and boarding houses in order to receive an increasing number of tourists. The construction of the Marriott…

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Rujište: Inevitable winter destination of Mostarians, as well as foreign tourists

Twenty-five kilometers north of Mostar, on the outskirts of the mountains Prenj and Velež, the idyllic resort Rujište extends. In the winter period, Rujište attracts many winter sports enthusiasts, while in the summer it is an ideal place to escape from Herzegovina's great heat. In recent years, it has become obligatory winter destination of both Mostarians…

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