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It is becoming an unavoidable tourist destination in BiH: Royal City of Srebrenik

Old Town Srebrenik is a fortress located above the town of the same name, north of Tuzla, in the area of ​​the former Usora parish, which during the Middle Ages was the scene of constant conflicts between Bosnia and Hungary and since 15th century the Ottoman Empire as well. It is situated on a lonely rocky cliff and the only way to enter it is a wooden bridge that across the abbys connects the rock with the rest of the tump.

Fortress is made up of three connected parts with four towers and a smaller castle. From here on February 15, 1333, Ban Stjepan II Kotromanić, uncle of Tvrtko I Kotromanić, the first king of medieval Bosnia, has written a charter, in old Bosnia alphabet called bosancica, to the people of Dubrovnik, by which for certain concessions, he renounced Ston and Pelješac. Although, the first written documents about ancient Srebrenik date back to 683, the city was built before then, but there is no reliable date of construction.

Medieval Bosnia

This was an interesting place for everyone and many were trying to win it. Under Srebrenik, Tvrtko won his first big battle in September 1363 over King Lajos of Hungary. He has experienced a difficult defeat here, and it is not known whether it was in the course of running or some other circumstances, the state stamp was lost. After that victory, Tvrtko strengthened his ban position, but also his position in the family and among the gentry.

The town has been in possession of the Hungarian and Bosnian army for countless times since it was on the “gate of Bosnia”, that is, between the lowland and the mountain range of Bosnia. In 1464, Hungarians penetrated into northeastern Bosnia and formed the Srebrenik Banovina. As for the capture of Srebrenik by the Ottomans, two versions are mentioned, and according to one, Srebrenik and Teočak were captured in 1512, while the other claims it happened nine years later.

There are numerous historical and folk tales associated with this fortress, so it is an interesting story about the Ottoman occupation of Srebrenik. There are different records and stories, and in one version it is mentioned that the Ottomans soldiers climbed to the towers outside the outer walls using ladders, and in the other says that the Ottoman army was more numerous and more powerful, but Srebrenik defenders were wiser. Tradition says they put horseshoes upside down and quietly left the city during the night, so the traces of movement indicated arrival, so the opponents thought the help has arrived to them and did not dare to attack for long time.

Today, the Old Town of Srebrenik is an unavoidable destination of all the lovers of the history of Medieval Bosnia, and tourists come from all over Europe. Apart from historical moments, visitors to Srebrenik can enjoy an exceptionally rich gastronomic offer, and in its offer stands the hotel Park, located in the center of the city, along the Tuzla-Orašje highway.

The hotel has a modern restaurant and offers a rich gastronomic offer attracting guests from all over BiH. The restaurant serves a variety of international cuisine, ranging from Greek, Chinese, Italian to traditional Bosnian dishes. In addition, the hotel is ideal for organizing seminars, meetings, weddings. This is an ideal place, because with its capacities and equipment, it can also respond to the most demanding guests. The hotel has 23 accommodation units of which 16 are rooms and seven suites, and feature a functional and modern design, providing comfort and relaxation at any time.

Tourist Complex

Srebrenik is slowly but safely positioned on the tourist map of BiH, and this is also largely contributed by the growing tourist offer of this city. A tourist complex Lovac is definitely creditable for this. It includes a lake with a pebble beach suitable for swimming and other fun activities on the water. For swimming and refreshment in hot summer days there is also an outdoor swimming pool, and the youngest one can swim in the children’s pool near the open swimming pool.

For those who like sports activities there are also tennis courts, beach volleyball, basketball and football. The special advantage offered by the tourist complex is that it is located within the hunting area “Ormanica”, which is abundant with various species of game, especially wild pigs, roebucks, rabbits, pheasants, quails and wild pigeons.

Within the tourist complex there is also the Orion Hotel which offers top accommodation. Surrounded by natural beauties and a relaxing atmosphere, it is one of the most famous hotels in Tuzla Canton. This is a place for business meetings, but also a destination for all those traveling to BiH for the purpose of tourism. In the hotel’s a la carte restaurant you can enjoy a rich selection of Mediterranean delicacies, meat and fish specialties, ready-made meals and unavoidable homemade products such as ham, dry meat and various types of cheese. Enjoyment completes Vinoteka with a rich eno-gastronomic offer and a varied wine map that will satisfy all tastes and desires.

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