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A big event in Jajce at the end of November: Reminiscing the anti-fascist tradition

In the last week of November, the public institution Museum of the Second Session of the AVNOJ in Jajce organizes the event Days of the AVNOJ in Jajce, in memory of the Second Session of the Anti-Fascist Council of the People’s Liberation of Yugoslavia (AVNOJ). With this event, the Museum preserves the memory of a historical event which took place in the royal city where the foundations of the former Yugoslavia were laid.

– The museum of the II session of AVNOJ will organize this already traditional event from November 24 to 27 this year. It all started in 2008, on the 65th anniversary of the Session, when more than 5,000 anti-fascists from Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as other countries of the former Yugoslavia, attended this gathering. That year, the renovated Museum was officially reopened – says Elvedin Imamović, the director of this museum, for Visit BiH Magazine.

Unmissable destination

The second session of AVNOJ, held in Jajce on November 29, 1943, is an integral part of the tradition of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is one of the milestones in its history. At the 2nd session of AVNOJ, the decisions of the 1st session of ZAVNOBiH, which restored the statehood of Bosnia and Herzegovina, were confirmed. The decisions of these two historic sessions are of great importance for the modern state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for two reasons.

– First, in 1992, when its people decided to end state ties with the federal state of Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina received international recognition without major obstacles thanks to the decisions made at the meetings in Mrkonjić Grad and Jajce, when Bosnia and Herzegovina was confirmed as a sovereign state and which then entered the Yugoslav Federation. After international recognition in 1992, the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina, determined at the II session of the AVNOJ, were accepted as valid and unchangeable – says Imamović.

Days of AVNOJ in Jajce is unique event in our region. In this way, the Museum of the Second Session of the AVNOJ preserves the memory of the anti-fascist tradition of all Yugoslav peoples.

– The central program of the event will be organized on November 26, starting at noon, with delegations from the entire region laying wreaths at the Partisan memorial in Jajce. A formal academy and a cultural entertainment program will be held after the laying of wreaths. In addition to the central program, we will organize a number of supporting contents such as book promotion, exhibitions, workshops for young people… – he says.

As in previous years, Imamović emphasizes, the municipality of Jajce and its mayor Edin Hozan provide them with selfless support in the organization of this event, as well as all other activities.

Today, the Museum is an indispensable destination for all visitors to the royal city, where they have a unique opportunity to explore interesting archives and experience the authentic atmosphere of a historical meeting.

-In the museum hall, where the II session of AVNOJ was held, visitors will be able to see a permanent exhibition that faithfully depicts the space where that key event took place. Here, they will be able to feel history on their own skin and imagine significant moments that shaped our region. Moreover, our gallery offers an incredible experience in which the original drawings of the painter Božidar Jakac are exhibited under the name “The Way of AVNOJ”. These works of art provide a visual representation of important events and moments related to the II session of AVNOJ – says Imamović.

Professional guides

For visitors who are interested in additional learning and an interactive experience, an educational center is available where they can learn about the museum through four parts that provide a comprehensive overview and deeper understanding of the history and legacy of the II session of AVNOJ.

– Don’t miss visiting the beautiful yard of the museum where the “Mala Partizanka” is located – a locomotive that is a separate national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This iconic locomotive symbolizes the courage, determination and unity that were present during the freedom struggle. We provide you with a unique opportunity to experience all these amazing aspects of the museum and create unforgettable memories that will inspire you and make you think – he points out.

During the past months, the museum had the privilege of hosting numerous school excursions from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina. They were witnesses of young researchers who went on a journey through history, discovering the importance of the II session of AVNOJ for our country and region.

-In addition, we had the honor of receiving visits from some schools from the countries of the region. Our doors were open to students from neighboring countries, in order to share a common history and strengthen bonds between young people. But that’s not all. During the season, we hosted numerous group and individual visits of tourists from all countries of the former Yugoslavia and the world. We are proud to present our exhibition collection, documents, photographs and artifacts that show the importance and legacy of the II session of AVNOJ – he emphasizes.

According to him, for each group they organize a professional guide through the museum, in order to ensure visitors, the deepest and best insight into this topic.

-Our expert guides are happy to share their knowledge and answer questions, ensuring that every visit is an enriching experience. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors for choosing the Museum of the Second Session of the AVNOJ as their destination. Your support gives us the strength to continue our mission of preserving history and promoting cultural heritage. Welcome to the Museum of the Second Session of AVNOJ and enjoy discovering our past – says Imamović at the end of the conversation.

Cultural heritage quest

On the occasion of marking Europe Day, the most important holiday of the European Union, the head of the Delegation of the European Union to BiH and the special representative of the European Union in our country, Johann Sattler, was in Jajce, together with 13 ambassadors and heads of missions of the member states of the European Union. The European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina celebrated Europe Day 2023 together with citizens across the country, and Jajce is one of the seven cities where Europe Day was celebrated this year. Together with the schoolchildren, the ambassadors went in search of the cultural heritage of Jajce. The end of the search was held at the AVNOJ Museum.

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