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When you decide to get a dog

When a person decides to get a dog, the first question they ask themselves is usually: What kind of dog do I want?

The answer can be: a big dog, a small dog, white, black, brown, a certain breed…

However, it should be kept in mind that choosing a dog solely based on appearance usually does not make either the dog or the owner happy. Even if the dog was charming and irresistible at first sight, this is no guarantee that the relationship will be successful.

A quality way to decide about which dog to choose involves comparing the needs and nature of the dog with what suits the owner best and what the owner is able to do to satisfy the needs of the dog.

Thus, the amount of exercise and mental stimulation that a dog needs should be in line with the owner’s ability to provide it. For example, an owner who likes to spend time in nature and recreation would benefit most from a very active, energetic dog; an owner who is busy with work and can spare time only for morning and evening walks needs a moderately active dog; families with children would get along perfectly with a dog that loves to play, a patient, not scary dog, etc.

However, this is only one aspect in the complex process of checking and determining compatibility and ensuring that the dog ends up in a home that really suits him/her, and that the owner ends up with a dog that they “click” with and build a strong bond that will last forever.

Tips to help you choose the right dog.

Anyone who wants to get a dog should ask themselves the following question: Why do I want a dog/What do I expect from owning a dog?

The reasons can be: enriching the family with an innocent, loving member who brings joy (that’s why he/she is a “pet”); the possibility for children to learn what responsibility is and how to love and respect others; to have someone who will make us move more, someone who will keep us company, etc.

When we determine the answer to this question, it will be clearer to us what qualities and needs our new pet should have for quality adoption.

Another key question for a potential dog owner is: What does my dog need, and am I able to properly care for him/her as long as it lives?

The basic needs that come to everyone’s mind are quality food in proper portions, fresh water, an airy sleeping area and veterinary care. However, the need for physical and mental activity is often overlooked, and this is precisely the key to a harmonious, happy and long-lasting relationship between owner and dog.

If the owner cannot meet all of their dog’s needs, the dog will be unhappy and become frustrated over time. Frustration and suffering can lead to unwanted behavior, because then, the dog just wants to express its frustration.

The unwanted behavior of the dog frustrates the owner who does not understand what the problem is, and this can lead to various risks for the dog and its environment, and consequently the abandonment of the dog – which is the main cause of the problem of abandoned dogs!

Quality selection of a dog is the key that depends on the happiness of the owner and his family, the satisfaction and happiness of the dog, but also the whole community, which due to the irresponsible and uninformed selection of pets and their abandonment can be exposed to safety and health risks.

If you decide to give home and love to an abandoned dog, let the Dogs Trust Foundation help you find the dog that will be the best for you, and you the best for him/her.

Visit and find out how to use the Dogs Trust School for Dogs and the Fostering Adoption Program!

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