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When the heart chooses, Bjela

Known mostly for the Winter Olympics held in 1984, Bjelasnica is considered to be one of the favorite destinations for winter sports fans. Geographically located in the center of the region, it is visited by guests from the area. It is covered with snow from November to May, which justifies its name (Bjela – white). It is attractive for tourists because of its fast ski trails, which is why a large number of guests visit it in the winter season. In the summer months, due to its attractive relief, mountaineers, mountain bikers and paragliders visit its massifs.

The beauties of Bjelasnica can be enjoyed throughout the year, so it is not surprising that there is great interest in investing in development and promotion of this snowy Bosnian beauty. This season, as well as last season, NLB Bank Sarajevo, in cooperation with the Municipal Public Company ZOI’84 and the card company Mastercard, gladly welcomed visitors to the Olympic mountain Bjelasnica.

NLB Bank has prepared for its clients an avalanche of super discounts and benefits that last from the beginning of this winter season until March 31, so for paying for a daily ski pass with NLB Mastercard, visitors to the Bjelasnica Olympic Center get 20 percent discount, while using NLB Pay Application, in addition to a 20 percent discount, they also receive a great gift – a pizza voucher at their favorite Benetton restaurant for a break from skiing.

In order to make sure that winter sports fans are safe and enjoy the trail, paying with NLB Mastercard and NLB Pay Application, you will get a 20 percent discount on ski service and ski equipment rental at Benetton Ski Service on Bjelasnica.

For maximum enjoyment, users of the NLB Pay Application can also get acquainted with the practical use of this service on Bjelasnica, where it is easier, faster and simpler to pay by phone than to take out a wallet.

Bjelasnica, being one of the most attractive destinations, has become very attractive for investors and construction of residential buildings, especially in the area of ​​Babin Do, due to the large number of visitors and interest. One of such investors is one of the leading companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Unioninvest d.d. Sarajevo, which is implementing a project to build the Smuk apartment complex on Bjelasnica.

Surrounded by inspiring space and nature, the elegant and individual Smuk Apartments are the ideal place to create memories with people you care about. That is why NLB Bank Sarajevo has created a special offer of housing loans for its clients with or without a mortgage, with the lowest interest rate so far in order to carefree finance their new vacation homes on this Olympic beauty. The loan amount can be increased up to 10,000 BAM, with the possibility of approving a grace period of six months in which only interest is paid per month, and there is no fee for loan processing and credit account maintenance for certain client statuses.

With all its natural beauties, Bjelasnica is perfect for families and is attractive to many sports fans. There is so much to say about this place, but the best way to fully understand it, to feel the energy it radiates and to experience some unforgettable moments, is to visit this mountain. Read a book in the warmth of your new home on Bjelasnica, observe the stars above the mountain peaks, explore the forest and enjoy all the beauties of the Olympic mountain, both in the winter season and in the summer months.