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Suad Ećo, CEO of Ećo Company: Inside has become a recognized brand in BiH and Europe

We talked with the CEO of Ećo Company, Suad Ećo, about the design of Inside furniture, which attracts clients in BiH and European countries, then about the team of experts behind this brand, as well as the numerous projects that the company is currently implementing in BiH and abroad.

Ećo Company and Inside have achieved significant results in the past years in the production of designed furniture and furnishing of complete interiors. What are some of the latest developments in your company and which projects in the past would you particularly highlight?

– We are very satisfied with the business results in the first half of this year and have realized a really large number of projects of complete interior decoration, both private and business. We have collaborated with some of the most important construction investors in BiH, such as Unioninvest on the Veneto project, M-Investment on the Riwer Walk project, PD on the Pionirska dolina project, and Inproz Group on the Square project. These are extremely strong companies and investors. Some are from BiH, others come from abroad, and they have in common that they needed a reliable partner in the interior furnishing segment. With our company they got such a partner. These investors have recognized our quality, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and technologies for production of upholstered and panel furniture, as well as the capabilities of our design studio with seven experienced architects and interior designers. I would like to point out that in recent months we have also implemented a number of projects of furnishing exclusive private interiors, including residences, penthouses, as well as apartments in residential and commercial buildings. As for the business interior furnishing segment, we have worked with some of the leading brands and companies in BiH. For example, we have equipped the offices of Addiko Bank and At Store, an authorized Apple store, and you can find our furniture at Marriott Group hotels. This is only part of the projects we have implemented, and to list everything I would need a lot more space and time.

It is well known that the BiH furniture industry has significant export results. To what extent does your company market products abroad?

– There are numerous projects of furnishing of private and business interiors that we have realized and are currently being realized abroad. We worked on furnishing complete interiors in Germany, Austria, Norway, Luxembourg, Croatia, Montenegro, etc. We are currently working on equipping a modern hotel in Frankfurt. If you consider that we are not doing mass production for export but exclusively custom designed furniture, then you can easily conclude that the requirements are much more complex and every detail matters. We have met all the requirements of the European market and we do not lag behind European brands in this industry. We pay a lot of attention to foreign markets and our goal is to make it easier for our clients to get to the perfect interior. That’s why we recently launched a new web platform, “Distance Interion Furnishing”. We have simplified this concept quite a bit because the client from the comfort of his home can order the furnishing of a complete private or business interior, according to the turnkey system. Through online communication the client defines all the details with our architect and designer. After approval of the preliminary design, the production of furniture in our factory and installation at the address follows. We are very pleased with the export results, and we aim to win some new markets in the coming period.

How is Echo Company different from the competition?

– Being able to provide a complete service is the biggest competitive advantage of our company. We can provide clients with consulting for landscaping, design of customized furniture that is adaptable to space, as well as instalation at the address. We have numerous other competitive advantages. Our Directorate, Inside Furniture Factory, Inside Design Studio and Furniture Salon are all located in the Sarajevo neighborhood of Stup. This makes it easier for us to carry out the projects, as it speeds up the entire furnishing process. I would like to emphasize the quality, modularity, originality and durability of our products. Our long experience tells us that buyers are increasingly looking to equip their home or office with exactly such furniture. Our company is a reliable partner, we have been at the same address for 17 years and our clients know and recommend us. We approach every customer in the same way, whether they are ordering a piece of furniture or wanting to equip a complete office building. Education and development have been ongoing in our company since 2002, and since then we have invested a lot in branding and promoting our products and services.

The Inside selection is already proved to be good and customers recognize it. When they want to furnish an interior, what is it that your customers are most interested in?

– Many of our clients know what they want when they come, but just as many of them have some concerns. We feel a sense of uncertainty in them when they first encounter a major furnishing project. That’s perfectly fine and there’s nothing out of the ordinary. Some clients are wondering how to make the most of the space, what colors to choose, what is modern or trending today? With our architects and interior designers, we strive to make it easier for them to ultimately get one perfect interior. Most of our clients are present on social media, where they get numerous ideas for furnishing the interior or have seen certain functionalities of furniture abroad that are specific. They ask us to apply this and we are always able to respond to such requests because we have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. I would add that our company also receives quite detailed and specific requirements, but so far we have always been able to respond to those most complex requirements for furnishing interiors.

What are the company’s plans for the coming period?

– I must say that with the establishment of the company in 2002, we had big plans, which we have achieved to this day, with great effort, dedication and renunciation. We have created a company with over 100 employees, top experts, which with its brand has become recognized in BiH and Europe. Nothing is different today. The ambitions are still high. We are currently preparing activities for construction of a new representative office building, but for now I would not elaborate details. We want to continue our growth and development, as well as expand into the European market. We will continue to recruit and invest in employees, and we will pay special attention to further technological development so that we do not lag behind European companies. We will also invest in the community through social responsibility projects, as we want to share our success with others.

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