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Sarajevo: Dogo shoes combined talent, imagination and creativity

The first store of vegan footwear in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dogo Sarajevo, opened its doors a year ago at the Alta Shopping Center in Sarajevo. The products offered in this store are much more than what we are used to in everyday life – graphics solutions for shoes and bags, the fact that they are handmade, that those are the first printed shoes in the world and a multitude of colors and bold designs offer a specific stamp style of their new owner.

A team of educated designers, a team of friends who launched a job in Izmir in 2006 is in charge of this. They have expanded their business in more than 50 countries worldwide and are a growing company in Turkey and the world.

An accidental visit

Energetic Adila Salibašić, a Bosnian language teacher at Sarajevo Second Gymnasium is responsible for opening of the store. Her visit to beautiful Izmir, from where this manufacturer comes, a sense of business and company that recognized Adila’s vision, resulted in an attractive offer of products of this unique brand to the Bosnians and Herzegovinians.

Professor Salibašić’s conversation with a team from Bracom Sarajevo was sufficient to recognize the quality of Dogo products and design solutions, so this company expanded its own business cooperation with a promising Turkish brand. In addition to Sarajevo, the franchise store of the Dogo brand, famous for making vegan shoes, can only be found in Skopje when it comes to the neighboring countries.

– It is interesting that the story of vegan shoes relates to protection of living beings, which we should all ponder over. We are witnessing day-to-day cruelty to animals, which are constantly exposed to industrial testing, which has led to a change in perception among many people in the world. Science and technology have advanced and should serve to create a more humane environment for all living beings. It is therefore not surprising that the movement of veganism has more and more followers every day. But, to wear some of the Dogo vegan and handmade products you do not necessarily need to be a vegan. It’s enough that you are an art lover – says Adila Salibašić, who is today supervisor in this colorful and highly visited shop.

Top drawings

The selection of Dogo brand includes shoes, from sneakers and flat shoes to boots and high heels. The program is complemented by sweatshirts, jackets, backpacks, women’s bags and incredibly interesting socks. Everything is made of vegan materials – high-quality eco-alloy, shoes have lining made of antibacterial canvas, and colors used for printing do not contain carcinogens. In addition all this, shoes are made manually and are the first printed shoes in the world.

The irresistible charm of Dogo are certainly top-notch drawings applied to shoes, bright colors, and messages that emphasize the attitude of life, of people and nature. The precious fruit of freedom given to designers in their own artistic expression which resulted in creation of more than 5,000 unique drawings found on shoes and bags. Every day, new drawings draw attention and with their joyfulness cause smiles on the faces of Dogo shoes and purses fans. Every new Dogo collection is expected with a dose of curiosity precisely because of the art and uniqueness of the drawings.

Supported by the slogan “Personalize Your Life” the Dogo brand has found its way to millions of people around the world on three continents. If you are visiting Sarajevo, be sure to stop by in this charming shop at the Alta Shopping Center on the second floor and enjoy yourself in the fruits of human creativity and art.

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