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Natural Monument Tajan near Zavidovići: Beautiful green oasis

In an impressive mosaic of BH peculiarities, aparticular place belongs to the Monument of Nature Tajan. It is the youngest protected area in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the only one in the Zenica-Doboj Canton. A favorable geographical position and accessibility of all its parts provide exceptional opportunities for recreation and tourism. It has all the necessary facilities and infrastructure for an interesting and pleasant stay.

Tajan Monument is located in the three-border area of ​​the municipalities Zavidovići, Kakanj and Zenica. Every year, an increasing number of tourists visit the area and enjoy the unspoiled nature.

Cycling trails

The extraordinary connoisseurs of this area and the Tourist Board of the Zenica-Doboj Canton, which, in cooperation with the European Union, implemented the project of park design, transforming it into an offer which through the “heart in the palm” offers adrenaline and adventure tours, complemented by the offers of ecotourism, geotourism and sports tourism, ensured that the locality of the Natural Monument Tajan is offered to visitors as a finished tourist product and transformed it into an attractive tourist destination.

You can reach the park from Sarajevo, from two directions. If you are heading towards Kakanj, you will turn to the regional road for the Ponijeri excursion place. The second direction from Sarajevo leads towards Doboj and Zenica. After Zenica you turn towards Zavidovići, then continue 15 kilometers to Kamenica, which is located in the northern part of the Park.

Numerous mountain peaks, rivers, lakes, long underground streams, canyons and waterfalls, caves and pits, a large karst spring and archaeological sites make the Tajan Monument a place to enjoy.

Tourists visit this park in order to experience the adrenaline sports, such as rafting and XC cross racing. In addition, Tajan Park is ideal for mountain biking. More than a hundred kilometers of forest roads and trails over mountain passes and mountain hills offer numerous opportunities for choosing bicycle routes. If you want, you can rent equipment for mountain biking in the info center, as well as for hiking.

More than 200 kilometers are marked and recorded with a GPS device. Moreover, mentioned routes are connected with neighboring towns by marking, so it is possible to travel safely between Zavidovići, Kakanj, Zenica, Breza and Vareš.

The first mountain-bike race in the history of BH cycling was held exactly in Zavidovići and the tradition continues every year when MTB XC races take place in Tajan area.

Nature lovers can enjoy dense coniferous forests and endless paths in the hills. One of the most beautiful canyons in Bosnia and Herzegovina is certainly the Mašica Canyon. The depth of the canyon is 350 meters, and in some places, it is only 3 meters wide. When the canyon is filled with water from the rain, the Suhodol stream is formed. The canyon is rich in many caves in which the bears find shelter for their winter dream.

Lake and waterfall

The Lake Mašica is located 12 kilometers from Info Center Tajan. The shores of the lake are surrounded by dense forests, paths for walking around the lake are well arranged, and barbecues with canopies and benches will surely make the stay of all visitors unforgettable. Lake Mašica can be used for rest and recreation, but also performing various trainings, including diving. In the summertime, this canyon also allows you to swim.

Luka’s Cave is interesting because it contains the remains of an extinct cave bear (similar to that in the Cave Orlovača near Sarajevo), which are over 15,000 years old. If you want, you can rent equipment for visiting caves accompanied by experienced specialists. You can also enjoy in the Central Cave where you can see halls decorated with cave jewelry, stalagmites and stalactites.

If you like waterfalls, we are sure that you will be delighted by the two waterfalls of the Gostović River. It is a river that is a challenge for extreme kayakers during spring and autumn, and for fans of rafting there is Krivaja that stretches through the canyons.

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