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House full of love: An extra bed wanted in the Nursery Home Sentivo

A Nursing Home Sentivo in Ilidža is more than a home for elderly, because it offers a new concept of life for persons in the third age, based on a well-known form – like at home! In this place they created an environment that resembles a home atmosphere, and all activities are adapted to their households members.

– It is important to encourage the elderly to stay active and to socialize with peers. The age-change will be much easier if we remind them that they have a huge advantage over other generations, and that’s free time – says Emina Mujezinović, director of this Nursery Home.

Big family

Sentivo wants to be an example of a better quality life of people in the third age. It is distinguished from similar institutions by rich and interesting social life, and access to every individual as a whole person.

– Feeling and empathy play the most important role in understanding the elderly and recognizing their needs. Sentivo in Italian means – I felt, I feel, and for us it means to feel the needs of our users, and to approach each one with respect and love. Our goal is to create an environment in which elderly people are encouraged to continue to live a fulfilling and quality life. We remind guests that they can finally dedicate themselves to themselves, we encourage them to share their experiences with others, make new friendships, discover new interests. In a very short time, our people have interconnected, so we can say that with positive energy, warmth and vitality they attract attention wherever they appear – says Mujezinović.

We do our best, the director tells us, to be much more than a social institution and that Sentivo really is a house full of love – a place for care and housing with professional support, a living community.

– We are still facing the condemnation of society when it comes to nursing homes. Accommodation of parents in such an environment is all but a “rejection”. On the contrary, it could be said that it is an expression of real concern and love, as this ensures a better and more fulfilling life for your parents. At the same time, you are in a position to not disturb the daily functioning of your primary family. You can fully devote to family and business commitments because you know your parent is in a safe place, that his primary needs are met at any time of the day and night, and that you can contact and visit them whenever you want – she says.

Benefit of life in a nursing home, research claims, that third-age people living in homes for elderly live a better and more fulfilling life than those who spend the third age alone in their homes, often neglected and abandoned by family and society. There is no medicine that can have such a good effect as socializing, moving and proper nutrition, which is carefully designed, balanced and adapted to the needs of the elderly. Domestic suppliers that can offer quality, controlled and fresh food are selected.

Staying in nature

Great attention is paid to the movement, and often they organize trips, walks and stay in nature. The house is located right next to the famous Velika Aleja in Ilidza, which allows walks and departures to Vrelo Bosne.

– Upon the arrival of a new user, together with his family we analyze his condition, individual needs, we arrange a way of care for a particular person. Professional medical care and 24-hour supervision in the home are conducted by experienced nurses and technicians, according to instructions and under the supervision of doctors. Special mention is made of dr. Amra Macić-Džanković, an internist and cardiologist, who regularly visits the beneficiaries, and psychiatrist dr. Inga Lokmić-Pekić. Our users and their relatives can, at any time, contact us with desire for improvement, because thanks to their active participation we can improve the quality of our services – emphasizes Amela Sejfić, the head nurse of the Nursing Home, and invites individuals, groups, artists and all open-hearted people who can enrich their daily routine to their users to contact us and come to visit Sentivo.

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