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Hamid Hadzic’s recipes

Aščikadunine sarmice

Ingredients: 2 eggs, 20 g flour, 0.03 l of olive oil, 50 g chicken meat, 60 g of young cheese, 30 g of cream, 30 g of parmesan, 0.05 l of mineral water, spices as needed.

Preparation procedure:

Make pancakes from flour, mineral water, salt and eggs. Fill pancakes with a mixture of cooked chicken from which you removed skin, young cheese, sour cream, eggs and salt. Roll pancakes  to make them look like sarmica (anything that is rolled around the filling), and then put them to oiled casserole, pour the sauce you made from yolk, cooking cream, sour cream and cheese over pancakes. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes, and serve.

Vizirske mahmudije

Ingredients: 200 g of veal leg, 50 g of rice, 60 g of mushrooms, 60 g of tomatoes, 0.02 l of oil, 20 g of butter, spices as needed.

Preparation procedure:

Cut four veal steaks from the veal leg, each weight 50 grams, soften those with a kitchen hammer and form medallions. Roll them on one side into flour and put in a pan on very little oil. Fry on both sides. When they are almost fried, add some flour, continue to fry, and pour water.

In the second pan on olive oil, fry the finely chopped mushrooms; add cooked rice, butter and parmesan. Make risotto ball, then place mahmudija on it, add mushrooms and tomatoes over it. Pour the sauce from the veal and decorate it.

Note: Mahmudija means Turkish golden coin; the title of the dish can be roughly translated as ‘vizier’s coins’, most likely called like this because veal medallions reminded of golden money.

Filled gratinated veal steak

Ingredients: 200 g of veal leg, 50 g of kajmak (creamy dairy product similar to clotted cream), 60 g of mushrooms, 150 g of potatoes, 0.02 l of oil, 20 g of butter, 30 g of parmesan, 1 egg, 20 g of cream, and spices as needed.

Preparation procedure:

Cut veal steaks, soften it with a hammer, salt, then fill with a mixture of cream and finely chopped mushrooms. On one side roll the steak into flour and fry until it gets a golden color.

In the end, pour fond or water over, add the mustard and refine the taste with spices. Fry cooked potatoes briefly in a pan with a little butter and cream. Put the steak and potatoes in a casserole, pour the sauce prepared from cream, yolk and parmesan, and then bake it all together in the oven for 10 minutes.

Veal risotto

Ingredients: 100 g of boneless veal, 30 g of onion, 10 g of garlic, 0.03 l of veal soup, 70 g of rice, 50 g of parmesan, 20 g of butter, 0,1 l of oil, 20 g of green salad, spices as needed.

Preparation procedure:

Fry the chopped onion on olive oil, add veal cut in small cubes, a little garlic and fry together. After about 10 minutes, add soup, salad, butter, pepper, and then connect with a little tomato purée.

Add rice and cook for 10-15 minutes to make it al dente. At the end of cooking, add parmesan and serve warm in a deep plate. Decorate with parmesan leaves.

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