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Dinno Kasalo: Prenj is the planet

Many Bosnians consider Prenj to be the most beautiful, the most attractive, but also the most cruel mountain in our country, and its highest peak is Zelena glava (Green Head) 2155 meters high.

Known as “Herzegovinian Himalaya”, Prenj is one of the most beautiful mountain areas of the Dinaric Alps and has a natural environment memorable for its diversity – karst and glacial valleys, steep slopes that form gorges and canyons through which rivers flow, snow peaks and a landscape of intense and challenging beauty.

It is located in the heart of the Dinaric mountains, in the northern part of Herzegovina, and lies in the arc, from the northwest, the Neretva River from Glavatičevo near Konjic, to Bijelo Polje, near Mostar, and on the southeast side it is bounded by mountain massifs Velež (1,969 m), Crvanj (1,921 m) and Visočica (1,964 m).

It is surrounded by natural and artificial lakes such as Boračko, Jablaničko, Grabovičko, Salakovac, River Neretva, Ljuta, Neretvica, Bijela and Drežanka. At the foot of the mountain, there are three cities: Konjic, Jablanica, and Mostar from where marked paths lead to mountain settlements and mountain massifs.

Probably one of the best connoisseur of Prenja is our award-winning photography artist, director of documentary films and sworn ecologist Dinno Kasalo.

– For me, Prenj is the planet. The beauty of this mountain is best described by verses of the poet Vladimir Nazor: “Prenj is not the mountain, tall city is the fairy, it is the company of gods, ancient bogomils, the time still plows furrows on its forehead, good and evil fiercely fight in it…“ – quotes Kasalo.

This photography artist points out that for more than sixty years he has been walking all over Prenj and he truly enjoys each new visit.

– I recently retired and I’m always on the mountain. Almost every weekend I’m on Prenj and for six decades I come to this beautiful mountain and I made 10 to 15 movies about it. Now, I just rest and enjoy. I do not want people to go there massively, because people destroy everything and turn it into consumerist package. Very few of them know how to enjoy what Prenj has to offer. Prenj holds me for six decades, and I have not yet figured out even a part of it. The love for the mountain I’m imparting to my dearest. One should run away from the asphalt jungle, learn where the real life is. I learned true values from the nature ​​- he says.

The wild beauty of Prenj, its extreme landscapes, the vastness of the territory make it a particularly attractive place, not only for climbers, but also for all those who love the mountain and nature.

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