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Center for Education, Sports and Recreation “Safet Zajko”: The first choice for family vacations and fun

In the complex of the former Safet Zajko barracks in Sarajevo, there is a Center for Education, Sports and Recreation, intended for the families, pensioners, athletes and recreationists.

The complex is located in the center of Sarajevo’s Novi Grad Municipality, just five minutes from tram and bus traffic. It is connected to the town by footpaths and a bridge built in Nedžarići, by bicycle paths and a restored road, so citizens can reach the Center by foot, bicycle and car.

Adrenaline Park

In the center there is a fountain and a summer stage intended for cultural and entertaining events, around which summer gardens are set up for visitors, and in the vicinity there is an outdoor fitness area. It is filled with greenery, promenades and benches.

The park features an athletic track, an artificial turf football pitch, long jump court, basketball court, changing rooms, children’s playgrounds and a beach volleyball court as well as tennis.

An adrenaline park is open at the Center this summer, offering visitors and adrenaline lovers true enjoyment. In addition to the towers for rock climbing, adrenaline sports lovers have nine aerial attractions with various obstacles. Barriers are set up so that existing trees connect to the two towers, and visitors can also try the zip-line, descending down the wire.

The central part of this center is decorated with a botanical garden with water facilities. The Botanical Garden extends over about 2.5 acres of the new section of the park, where three artificial lakes with waterfalls were built.

They are connected by pedestrian bridges, and promenades and rest areas have been built throughout the place. In the central part of the lake there is a fountain, and the environment is completed with more than a hundred diverse plant species that further decorate the park space.

Chinese Pavilion

A special group in the flora of the park consists of Serbian spruce, Ginko and Magnolia. With all of the above, the entire space is illuminated, which gives a special atmosphere for visitors in the evening. With an area of ​​577 trees, the Center offers facilities for all ages and is the right choice for a weekend break.

The Safet Zajko Center, as well as the City of Sarajevo, will become richer for another cultural attraction as a result of the cooperation between the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Chinese city of Tianjin. Last month, construction of a very attractive Chinese pavilion began in this center, which will enrich the facilities of this visited gathering place of the Sarajevo people. The pavilion is traditional Chinese architecture with original consoles and lavishly decorated roof.

The project was created as part of an agreement between Sarajevo and the Chinese city –  twin cities. In order to promote and preserve the heritage, the City of Sarajevo will donate a replica of Sarajevo’s Sebilj to one of China’s most important economic centers.