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Businesses started with the help of Jajce Municipality: Young and successful

The project “Best business ideas for young people” has been implemented by the municipality of Jajce for the seventh year and is aimed at encouraging young people to start or develop their own business through co-financing. This way, as the Municipality says, they want to encourage young people not to leave their city and BiH.

During the past seven years, the municipality of Jajce allocated 550,000 BAM through this project and supported 71 ideas for starting businesses of young men and women from Jajce. This is one of the few municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina that in this way encourages young people to be courageous and start their own business.

– Our wish and intention is that young people stay in their country and their city. That’s why we launched this project to help young people from Jajce to fulfill their wishes and dreams in their city – says the Mayor of Jajce Municipality, Edin Hozan.

Market opportunities

Considering the great success of this project, the Municipality of Jajce continues to co-finance and support young people this year as well.

Adis Čagalj, a young entrepreneur, the owner of the furniture manufacturing business ALEAA, started his business primarily because he wanted to stay in his hometown and homeland. He was engaged in woodworking and furniture making as a hobby. Through the workshops he participated in in 2017, he learned how to recognize market opportunities and decided to turn his hobby into a serious business.

– The project helped me both financially and in terms of education through various workshops, lectures on starting a business and examples of success. Every beginning is difficult and brings certain challenges, especially when it comes to financing ideas, but I would tell everyone to try and educate and improve themselves every day – said Adis.

He started with the desire to create the ALEAA furniture brand that would become recognizable on the market. The dream came true and ALEAA is today, after six years, a truly recognizable brand. Today, this small but successful business has five employees, while seasonally it hires more.

Vesna Ladan took over the family business and now runs the flower shop AGAVA, which sells and arranges flowers and provides decoration services for various events. As part of this company, they also provide funeral services.

– Given that the company was closed for a while, I opened it two years ago and the Jajce Municipality project helped me a lot because the office building needed to be renovated – Vesna tells Visit BiH and adds that she is satisfied with how the business is progressing.

– I continued cooperation with the Municipality of Jajce and now I am extremely happy. This job fulfills me, and I have no intention of leaving my city either – emphasizes Vesna.

Hamza Meštrovac is 21 years old and successfully runs the company Kartonaža HEM. The business started when he was only 19 years old.

– During that period, I was thinking about what was the best option for me. In Sanski Most, I saw a cardboard box and an idea, and an opportunity came to mind that these are not found in the Central Bosnian Canton. I thought about how much and where all the cardboard is used, so I decided to start a cardboard business. It is a family business, and we produce cardboard boxes of all shapes and sizes, from transportable to self-folding – Hamza tells us.

He applied for funds in the Municipality of Jajce and succeeded. He says that at the beginning it was extremely difficult for him, especially since he was only 19 years old.

– I am young and I want to slowly develop the company. I am patient and take small but sure steps. I never lost hope or desire, even in the most difficult times. Now, I have the idea of expanding the office space, because I need additional space, as well as new machines and a multi-color printer. I also plan to produce paper bags – Hamza tells us.


Two more beautiful stories from Jajce, about support for young people, were recorded by Adna Smajlović Skopljak for Twenty-seven-year-old Samed Glamočić, a graduated physiotherapist, has been running his business successfully for four years. After doing an internship at Jajce General Hospital, Samed saw that his town needed a practice for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

– Since I clearly knew what I wanted and what my goal was, I dared to try. At the very beginning, the municipality helped me, in cooperation with the Kult Institute for Youth Development – says Samed.

Thus, in 2020, Relax studio AS was created, which provides services in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, massage, hijama, spinal and peripheral joint manipulations – chiropractic. The studio has been operating successfully for four years, with constant progress and the introduction of new services. He also has a message for all those who are afraid and want to start their own business.

– Be brave, dare and venture, because success always comes with effort and work – said Samed.

Marija Deljak is a thirty-seven-year-old woman from Jajce who decided to turn her hobby and love into business and profit. Marija is the owner of the independent business “Sweet bite”, which she founded in 2020, and is engaged in the production of cakes and sweet products.

– Before starting the business, I was not employed, mostly it was taking care of the family, and that is the driving force behind everything. I realized that the best way to secure employment for myself is my own business, because I can have flexible working hours and thus meet the obligations I have in my private life – says Marija.

Marija decided to start her own business when the Municipality of Jajce announced that it supports young entrepreneurs with grants, and with the great support and persuasion of her family, especially her husband, she decided to take a risk and turn her hobby into a successful business.

– In this job, the challenges are great, because for me it is in a way an art because I can express my creativity with great patience and precision. I have never regretted what I do. Ambition is great because I want to improve existing and acquire new skills – says Marija.