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One of the oldest streets of Sarajevo: Kazandžiluk, 500 years long tradition

Kazandžiluk, 500 years long tradition Kazandžiluk is one of the oldest streets in Sarajevo's Baščaršija. It starts at Baščaršija square and leads to the east, then turns sharply to the south and ends in Bravadžiluk. Traditional copper objects are made and sold there. A special copper engraving technique called filigree is used in the process.…

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Sarajevo settlement Faletići: Vrelo Mošćanice

Ancient Sarajevans used the location of Mošćanica Spring and its beauty as a picnic spot during the Ottoman era. It is much smaller than Vrelo Bosne, but there is no difference in beauty. Vrelo Mošćanice can be reached via Faletići; pass the lodge Dom Faletići and the turning towards the cemetery and turn right towards…

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Haris Fazlagić: This is the year of important and serious tourism projects

During the past year, the Sarajevo Canton Tourist Board provided an active contribution to the process of recovery and development of the tourism sector through support of almost 200 institutions, business entities, associations, federations, or prominent sports individuals who were directly supported through public invitations and the allocation of non-reimbursable financial resources. -More than 200 projects…

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Sarajevo’s „munjara“  on Hrid

There are places that take you back to your childhood and, if you return there after a long time, as adults and matured people, memories come flooding back and you have the impression that you have turned into that little boy or girl again, looking full of wonder at everything around you , absorbing every…

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Everybody to Sarajevo!!!

The Tourist Board of Sarajevo Canton, after a two-year break due to the corona virus pandemic, is organizing an original and unforgettable New Year's party with the City Administration of the City of Sarajevo, and the ultra-popular Dubioza Kolektiv will take care of it. We expect that with this New Year's Eve in front of…

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Importanne center Sarajevo: The biggest Carpisa MEGA STORE opened

At the beginning of October, a brand new CARPISA MEGA STORE was officially opened in the Importanne center in Sarajevo. In the offer of this brand, you can find a diverse offer that will not leave anyone indifferent. Carpisa emphasizes freshness and elegance for women and men who are aware of their values ​​and are…

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Stojčevac complex within “Vrelo Bosne” Nature Monument

It is beautiful to look at the sun-bathed Stojčevac in a new outfit from Igman. Stojčevac complex is located at the foot of the Igman mountain, within the "Vrelo Bosne" nature monument. Stojčevac has long been recognized for its exceptional beauty and it is very popular. In 2006, the Sarajevo Canton Assembly declared Vrelo Bosne a…

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