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Importanne center Sarajevo: The biggest Carpisa MEGA STORE opened

At the beginning of October, a brand new CARPISA MEGA STORE was officially opened in the Importanne center in Sarajevo. In the offer of this brand, you can find a diverse offer that will not leave anyone indifferent. Carpisa emphasizes freshness and elegance for women and men who are aware of their values ​​and are ready to face today’s fashion challenges.

Carpisa is a leading European brand of bags, luggage and fashion accessories. The company was founded in 2001 in Naples, Italy, and very quickly broke into the market of traditional retail chains and proved itself as an innovative, recognizable and affordable fashion brand.

From the very beginning, Carpisa is a family business built in the spirit of Italian design that serves as an inspiration to its customers.

In the global market, it aims to provide them with a pleasant experience when shopping in branches or online, and to enable them to find their own fashion style. Carpisa is a modern, youthful brand with a wide range of products, decorated with an Italian sense of fashion and extremely affordable quality.