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Banja Luka: 22 tourist events this year

The city of Banja Luka will financially support 22 tourist events this year. The planned events relate to a range of content that can attract tourists from cultural and adrenaline events to the gastronomic festivals.

Thus, their place in the calendar of events planned, among other things, found chocolate, wine and beer festivals, as well as the Third Ćevap Fest, which last year broke all records of the visit, when it attracted more than 20,000 Banja Luka citizens and tourists from the region.

There are also chivalry festival, moto fest, summer fair, and several events on Vrbas. The climbing festival “Drill and Chill” is also included in the calendar.

-Additional contents and original manifestations will surely attract more visitors to our city – they said from the City Department of Culture, Tourism and Social Policy.

City authorities support these manifestations in order to enrich the tourist offer.

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