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Asmir Begović: I want to give children the opportunity to practice sports and make their dreams come true

Asmir Begović, the goalkeeper of Bosnia and Herzegovina national football team and English Premier League Club AFC Bournemouth, was in Sarajevo at the beginning of October during our national team gathering, before the last qualifying matches for the World Cup in Russia next year.

Due to the importance of these matches, but also family which is always in the first place for this guy from Trebinje, Asmir didn’t have much free time. However, we managed to separate him from all obligations and talk to him about his life, career, but also everything that Asmir is doing out of work.

– I usually come to Bosnia and Herzegovina when our national team gathers, then I find time to visit my family, which is very important to me. I do not have much time for some other things I would like to do. I am always happy when I come to Bosnia and Herzegovina; it is a great honor to play for the national team, especially in our country. I am trying to fit in as many things while I am here – Begović says for our magazine.

Fashion brand

He points out that he uses every visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina to visit Sarajevo, Mostar, Stolac and Trebinje.

– I like most to go places where my family lives, because they are the most important to me – he emphasizes.

Asmir and his wife Nicolle have two daughters Taylor and Blair Rose. He says that he is happily married and he is sorry that they cannot be with him in Bosnia and Herzegovina more often.

– They adore Bosnia and Herzegovina. When we are preparing to come, their joy is enormous. Of course, as soon as we arrive, we immediately go for pies and ćevapi (grilled dish of minced meat). They often come to the matches of our national team because they want to give support to me and our country – said Asmir.

He recently plunged into fashion. He launched an AB1 fashion line that started this summer and is currently being sold online.

– The idea for this fashion line exists since long ago. We wanted to make a story that other athletes from Bosnia and Herzegovina didn’t use. We started with casual clothes, i.e. shirts with short and long sleeves, caps, sweaters and for now we are satisfied with the sale – says Begović.

He says he wants to grow slowly, and that people’s reactions are great.

– They love me, they love what I do, our brand and quality of clothes. We get a lot of messages and compliments and everything tells me that we are doing the right thing. It’s very important to us that the quality of clothes is not bad – he says.

– Clothes are made in England, but we are looking for solutions to start production in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is our great wish and we will start selling first, and then in the future producing as well – Asmir emphasizes.

Foundation Asmir Begović

His desire, he says, is to enter the world of fashion, but also to help the Foundation Asmir Begović, which has so far had a number of projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and England.

– With the help of Foundation, we want to make sports playgrounds, primarily in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I want to give children the opportunity to practice as much sport as possible and to make their dreams come true, as I have accomplished my own. I want kids to be active, make friends, to get off the street. I really believe in sports and I think the Foundation can do a great deal. We have already finalized many projects and it gives me the motivation to continue doing this – he says.

The fact that he launched a radio show that can be heard online says how deeply Asmir cares about sports and how concerned he is when it comes to promotion of sports.

-The radio show is called “Seasons of Sports” and it is broadcasted every two weeks. We are talking about sports that are at the spotlight or sports that don’t get enough media attention. I have great motivation to talk about sports because I love sports. It is also an opportunity to gain experience in the media and to do something different, besides football. I got an idea a few months ago, I gathered a valuable team that does a really good job – he says.

Asmir has proven his love for Bosnia and Herzegovina countless times, and he also shared this love with his family, so we asked him if he would one day return to Bosnia and Herzegovina and live here.

– Maybe I will be back in B&H. I am open to all options; however, I do not like to look so far into the future. This will depend on a number of factors, so at this moment it is very difficult to talk about it. We will see, that is ahead of us – says Begović.

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