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Adnan Hasković: I do not want to engage in some work if I won’t to push it to the top

BH audience can more often see young Sarajevan actor, Adnan Hasković, in Hollywood and world films and series today, than on the local scene. Adnan says that he somehow imagined his professional career going in this way, and that he entered the Academy of Performing Arts exactly by evoking memories of Hollywood films and American approach to the cinema.

– I am greatly attracted to film as an art and in the absence of this kind of realization in Bosnia and Herzegovina I decided to look for happiness somewhere out there. In addition, there are many more challenges that I cannot resist, more opportunities for success and development of myself as an artist. When I look back to my life, sometimes in the future, I want to see that I have left something valuable behind me, something that will serve younger generations. Nowadays, the whole world is in front of us and I do not want to engage in some work if I won’t to push it to the top, says Hasković.

Intimate atmosphere

He knew he would act while he was in kindergarten. Kaća Čelan launched the acting school just before the beginning of the war, where children’s plays were performed.

– Children who played in the movie “Magareće godine“, were from that acting school, and I was too young then and I did not play in that movie. After that, I was supposed to play a child of American tourists in one movie, but the war broke it all out. After the war, I continued my work in elementary and secondary school, so I signed up for a youth show called “Veliki odmor“, where I stayed until the end of high school – he says.

He received his first professional role in the second year of the Academy, as a scholarship holder of the National Theater Sarajevo. Then he played in the play “Legenda o Ali-paši”, directed by Sulejman Kupusović, and their cooperation continued after a number of roles in films and performances.

– After that, the performances of “Tvrđava”, “‘Prvi put s ocem na izbore'”, “Jedan čovjek i jedna žena”, “Ženidba”, “Balada o Omeru i Merimi” happened … After that, I got a call for engagement in the Sarajevo War Theater (SARTR), and their concept attracted me. I was interested in this more intimate atmosphere, with less people and a documentary, almost film, performances – he says.

As he says, the most important role he has achieved in cinema is in the film “Twice born” with Penelope Cruz. He thinks that this is not the most important role for him only because of the beautiful Penelope, but also because of his collaboration with the great artist Sergio Castellito.

-It’s specifically this role that fulfills me, everything what an actor wants to happen to him. In addition, the role of the Chechen president in Fox’s “Legend“ series was also interesting. As for the actors I have worked with, I have already mentioned Penelope Cruz, including Emile Hirsch, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Chris Evans and Octavia Spencer … – says Hasković.

He reveals that, in September, he is suppose to shoot a film of a Turkish director, a student of the phenomenal Fatih Akin. According to him, the film has a completely progressive and world-wide approach.

I’ve been to London recently, where I negotiated a movie. It’s a war theme, the action takes place in Afghanistan and the film is called ‘Outpost’. It’s a Hollywood movie and I’m on the right track to play a part in it. I have a plan to make my own film, about one interesting person and a it is a true story. This is about Fikret Hodžić, a man who was 15 times a champion of the former Yugoslavia in bodybuilding. He is one of the first victims of the war in Prijedor. This is my plan for the next two years that I will definitely deal with. This is my personal mark and I have the need to realize it. In addition, it’s my duty as an artist. I want to make the world better place, as much as I can. I do not want to forget some things – he says.

Bosnian Restaurant

Although a film is his great love and a primary job, Hasković will also try another type of business. As he says, he has long wanted to give his city and his country something it lacks.

Indeed, there are many holes in all areas. When I see something in the world, and I travel a lot, I wish that something, like the thing I’ve seen, is in my town. When people invest in a business here, they first go for something foreign, they always forget their own. On the other hand, throughout the world, people first start from theit own thing and place something of their own, something that speaks of them. Moreover, we somehow know a little about ourselves. So I came up with the idea to open a restaurant with Bosnian food – says Hasković.

He emphasizes that this will not be the usual restaurant with Bosnian dishes.

– It will be a restaurant with original Bosnian dishes, which I have never heard of, so I was a little ashamed of that. It will be a modern way, an approach where we will introduce our people, as well as foreigners with Bosnian dishes in the sense that we present to them a recipe, the history of the emergence of a meal. These will be dishes made of exclusively domestic food. When we enlist nutritional values, we will see that it is really something healthy. I packed it in a slightly different way, we will evoke memories of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a slightly different way. The restaurant will be called ‘Đul’ (Turkish origin: rose) because our goal is to restore memories of the Bosnian garden, to make people feel like they entered an old garden of an old Bosnian house. We want to provide people with warmth, smile, a nice word. Everything will have an educational and patriotic note – says Hasković at the end of our conversation.

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