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Visitor Center Pecka near Mrkonjić Grad: The largest natural climbing center in B&H

Visitor Center Pecka in the town of Baraći, several tens of kilometers awayfrom Mrkonjić Grad, attracts more and more tourists each year, and the reasons are numerous. The center is located at the foot of the rock and the biggest natural climbing hill in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with more than a hundred climbing routes.

Since the charming “Visitor Center” has been constructed in the former elementary school in the village of Gornja Pecka (through the project for the development of tourism Žitni put, financed with the funds of the European Union) it revived the whole region.

Roman road

However, the enthusiasts who initiated, and then implemented this project, do not stop and have very ambitious plans for the future. Although all around the site, everyone perceives Pecka Visitor Center as a lighthouse of a new life in this area, the truth is that about 3,000 people had once inhabited this village site, and now there are only around a hundred of them.

The plan is to create an environment through attracting tourists, as well as development of agriculture, road and telecommunications infrastructure, through which people will not only pass, but also remain in the desire to live there.

In addition to the climbing site, the most important attractions near Pecka Center are the Sana springs, as well as springs of the Pliva and Eco Zones Zelenkovac, about 15 kilometers away, while the peaks of the high mountains of Krajina-Vitorog, Klekovača and Tabor are about 60 kilometers away from the Center.

The Tourist Organization of the Republic of Srpska point out that the whole area has a great cultural and historical significance.

– In the Roman period in Gornja Pecka, through which the Roman road passed, there was a settlement called Sernade – Tourist Organization of Republika Srpska states.

Center is the starting and return point for excursions, climbing, cycling, and hiking in high Krajina. In the facility of the Pecka Visitor Center, tourists can get all information about routes, tourist attractions, local food producers, and accommodation and similar things. There are also guesthouses for those who wish to stay longer, and food for guests and visitors is made exclusively from local foods that are bought from people from the village.

Outdoor festival

Pecka is one of the favorite places for lovers of extreme sports, especially mountaineers. Once a year on the plateau above the largest natural climbing center in B&H in Pecka, a festival that gathers climbers from all over the world is held.

– Pecka Outdoor Festival celebrates life in the countryside, outdoor activities and quality food – the organizers say.

In addition to climbing routes, this area also offers bike trails, and visitors to the Visitor Center can rent bicycles. The local roads through the village are arranged as hiking routes, and this area also offers opportunities for diving or boat rides in one part of the Sana River.

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