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Sunny October was an inspiration to many: Magical autumn scenes on Vranica Mountain

Autumn, which according to calender arrived long ago in BiH has colored the cities and mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina with its hues. October offered temperatures that were above average, and the beautiful colors of autumn were visible at every turn.

The leaves of yellow, green, gold, red and brown and this season, often described in poems, have been captured in many photographs. Many citizens, but also by tourists, used sunny October and every day they enjoyed the enchanting beauty of nature, whether it is walking through city parks or visiting picnic areas and mountains.

Mountaineers of the Vranica Mountaineering Society used the magical time to climb the peaks of Vranica, Locika, Tikva, Šćita, Matorac all the way to Brusnica at the end of October.

This mountaineering hike lasted eight hours and during that time they traveled about 22 kilometers. They climbed to several peaks, Locika about 2,100 meters above sea level, then Tikva nearly 1,971 meters, Šćit 1,957 meters above sea level, then Vran Kamen and Matorac.

Our photographer, Velija Hasanbegovic, joined this expedition. Inspired by natural beauty and colors, which only the fall can bring, he has captured almost unreal photographs with his camera.