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Wednesday. 27. October. 2021

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COLUMN: Human development

The phenomenon of economic development is certainly one of the fundamental tendencies in civilizational history, which has been crucial for the survival and continued...

World fine arts artists on the beauties of BiH: An unbreakable spirit...

Bosnia and Herzegovina, a small country in Southeast Europe, is the pearl of the area. A heart-shaped country, and in the heart of Europe,...

COLUMN: Algorithm for change in the public sector

The functioning of the public sector is a chronic problem for all countries that have undergone or are still undergoing the transition process, so...

Suad Ećo, CEO of Ećo Company: Inside has become a recognized brand...

We talked with the CEO of Ećo Company, Suad Ećo, about the design of Inside furniture, which attracts clients in BiH and European countries,...



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