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One of the oldest streets of Sarajevo: Kazandžiluk, 500 years long tradition

Kazandžiluk, 500 years long tradition Kazandžiluk is one of the oldest streets in Sarajevo's Baščaršija. It starts at Baščaršija square and leads to the east, then turns sharply to the south and ends in Bravadžiluk. Traditional copper objects are made and sold there. A special copper engraving technique called filigree is used in the process.…

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Protected landscape Vjetrenica – Popovo Field: An unforgettable adventure

After last year's record season in which the Protected Landscape of Vjetrenica - Popovo polje had almost 17,500 visitors, this year also started optimistically. In the first four months of this year, Vjetrenica has extremely good tourist results, as did the entire municipality of Ravno. Davor Baković, acting director of the Public Company Vjetrenica, said…

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Discover the magic of summer with the new swimwear collection

This season, Alma Ras presents a collection of swimwear that takes your breath away and wins the hearts of all sun and sea lovers. Whether you like classic style, want to shine in tropical patterns or are looking for something to support your activities on the water, Alma Ras has something for everyone. …

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When you decide to get a dog

When a person decides to get a dog, the first question they ask themselves is usually: What kind of dog do I want? The answer can be: a big dog, a small dog, white, black, brown, a certain breed... However, it should be kept in mind that choosing a dog solely based on appearance usually…

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Buna Canals: The place where Buna kisses Neretva

How many times have you passed from Mostar towards Chapljina and further towards the Adriatic Sea, without stopping at the Buna Canals? This protected nature monument is located near Buna, south of Mostar, along the main road M-17 Mostar. The Buna Canals are slightly more than 12 kilometers from Mostar and it is possible to…

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Kravica Waterfall: Oasis in stone

The Kravica Waterfall is located not far from Ljubuški, in the southwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Only when you visit this natural phenomenon will you understand why many compare it to the Niagara Falls, because its beauty is breathtaking and it really looks like a postcard. With its beauty, the waterfall attracts tourists from all…

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The smell of spring in Travnik

It started from here, from the Old Town. In the powerful medieval Bosnian kingdom. The town spreads out like the most colorful carpet under its dizzying slopes and solid ramparts. A high bridge connects it over the timid Hendek, which appears abundantly in the spring and dries up suddenly in the first days of summer.…

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