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Works on reconstruction of the Sarajevo cable car in full swing


Sarajevans and all the visitors of the capital of B&H will be able to come to Trebevic again, one of the most famous excursion places, next year, by the cable car, which until the war was the symbol of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Trebevic cable car was built in 1959, and until the beginning of the aggression in B&H, in which it was completely destroyed, hundreds of thousands of visitors, who enjoyed the natural beauties of this mountain, enjoyed the Vidikovac restaurant which gave a magnificent view of Sarajevo and other mountaineering and catering facilities.

Olympic colors

A special attraction on Trebevic was the bob-track where part of the competitions within the Winter Olympic Games were held in 1984.

And after more than 20 years since the end of the war, the bob track is still devastated, but luckily this year the reconstruction of the cable car has finally begun, which will reconnect Sarajevo’s Bistrik with Vidikovac and complete the content and tourist offer of the mountain, which Sarajevans call “lungs of this city “.

“It’s the return of old Sarajevo,” “the reconstruction of the cable car is the new birth of our city”, “the cable car was always the symbol of Sarajevo, the place of gathering and first love stories”, are just some of the comments of citizens who are eagerly awaiting the day they will see the cabins that will, with unbelievable experience and a beautiful view of the city, again transport passengers from Sarajevo to Trebevic.

According to Sarajevo Mayor Abdulah Skaka, preparations for the opening of the Trebevic cable car will be in full swing next year, and it is expected that the first ride will be made on April 6, 2018, on the Day of the City of Sarajevo.

– Field work is in progress, weekends and night hours in order to comply with deadlines and in order for the citizens of Sarajevo to get as soon as possible the Trebevic cable car. The Trebevic cable car will have 33 modern cabins with ten seats which will allow up to 1,200 passengers per hour from the city to Trebevic. Gondolas will have Olympic colors – green, red, blue, black and yellow. A ride will take seven minutes and 15 seconds, instead of the former 12 – says Skaka.


As part of the construction of the cable car, the hiking trails will be arranged, and the restaurant Vidikovac will be restored. Also, Trebevic will soon be arranged for skiing from Vidikovac to Coline kape.

The exact cost of ride in a new, modern cable car is not yet known, but Skaka points out that it will not amount more than 10 BAM.

– It is certain that the price will not exceed ten marks. Currently, it is considered that the price of the two way ticket will be 5 BAM – said Skaka.

Although it takes only 15 minutes from Sarajevo to Trebevic, it is certain that the cable car will be a real attraction, and that the ride in modern cabins will represent an unforgettable experience.

By opening the cable car, Trebevic will become an even more important tourist destination, which boasts an increasing number of recreational and entertainment facilities, beautiful natural areas, dense forests, clean air and an unforgettable view of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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