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It is becoming an unavoidable tourist destination in BiH: Royal City of Srebrenik

Old Town Srebrenik is a fortress located above the town of the same name, north of Tuzla, in the area of ​​the former Usora parish, which during the Middle Ages was the scene of...

COLUMN: Historical and cultural heritage and tourism

The adoption of the Declaration of the World Tourism Organization (WTO) in 1985, which points to the importance of protecting and promoting natural, cultural and historical heritage and measures for its use for tourist...

Woodworking in Konjic: The “Braća Nikšić” furniture recognized by UNESCO

Pieces of walnut tree, ash and cherry, after processing in their workshops, become art works. The tradition of woodworking in the Nikšić family from Konjic dates back to the 19th century, but Gano Nikšić,...

Plava voda in Travnik is a true attraction: Austrian prince paid for coffee with...

One of the most famous tourist attractions of Travnik is certainly Plava Voda Spring. It is located in the settlement Šumeće, where it springs, flows along the stream Hendek into the river Lašva. During ...

Tradition and folk costumes of women in BiH: East and West influenced the fashion

Over time, the modes and dressing styles of women in these parts have changed, but it is certain that they have followed trends and that women have always took care of their looks. As...

In the wake of Hasanaginica – Visiting Dalmatia

In accordance with its mission and goals, association UHBDR "Dalmatinski kamen", in cooperation with ethno village Kokorići and tourism and catering entrepreneurs, prepares a unique cultural-educational and tourist arrangement as a memorial to Italian...

Travel guide on the ancient heritage of Sarajevo and its surroundings: Contribution to the affirmation...

Tourists, as well as residents of other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, when they come to Sarajevo, most often have an opinion about Sarajevo based on the last, but also the First World War....

Public fountains are the centuries old symbol of Sarajevo 

For several centuries, public drinking water fountains are unforgettable and decorative symbols of the City of Sarajevo. These fountains primarily served the locals, but also the travelers, to stop, drink fresh, cold water and...

Šeranić’s House – The first residential building constructed in Banja Luka

Šeranić’s House, built in 1580, is one of the important cultural and historical monuments of Banja Luka. This house, which is number one in town on the Vrbas River, is the first built residential...

Catacombs – The mystical site built 600 years ago

Catacombs or an underground church, carved into the rock more than 600 years ago, remained one of the most interesting monuments in the area of ​​the Royal City of Jajce. The kings were changing,...
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