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One of the oldest streets of Sarajevo: Kazandžiluk, 500 years long tradition

Kazandžiluk, 500 years long tradition Kazandžiluk is one of the oldest streets in Sarajevo's Baščaršija. It starts at Baščaršija square and leads to the east, then turns sharply to the south and ends in Bravadžiluk. Traditional copper objects are made and sold there. A special copper engraving technique called filigree is used in the process.…

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Monastery of Kraljeva Sutjeska and the royal town of Bobovac

About 12 kilometers northeast of Kakanj there is Kraljeva Sutjeska. From the Sarajevo-Zenica Road, near Ćatići, the road leads to the inhabited place of Kraljeva Sutjeska (Sutiska), which is located at an altitude of about 500 meters. Kraljeva Sutjeska is at the bottom of a funnel-shaped basin through which the river Trstionica passes, and which…

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Cultural heritage as a development potential of BiH tourism

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country rich in cultural heritage, natural beauty, tourist facilities, and it is a crossroads of many cultures and civilizations. Culture and tourism have always been closely linked. The era of globalization, digitization, massively available information and tourist content has led to the fact that modern tourists focus more and more…

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The unknown Austro-Hungarian giant: Strač Fortress near Trebinje

Merely a few years after Bosnia and Herzegovina has been occupied in 1878 the Austro-Hungarian Empire started an ambitious construction programme to build an extensive fortification system. This region, including the southern part of Dalmatia, was characterized by increasing tensions between the different ethnic groups and traditional resistance against occupying state powers which ultimately lead…

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National monument near Stolac: The ancient Illyrian town Daorson

The area of Stolac is known for the abundance and diversity of cultural and historical monuments that date back to a time span of about 14,000 years. In this wealth of cultural and historical heritage, the remains of the Illyrian town Daorson somehow fell in the background. It was the capital of the Hellenized Illyrian…

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