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Stipe Pleić – Viking of Duvno

Stipe Pleić welcomes us in a Viking house in the village of Stipanići near Tomislavgrad. He sits on a wooden throne dressed in a Viking suit and welcomes us. Just entering the house takes you far back in time, among the people who lived in Scandinavia many centuries ago. Everything is in that spirit -…

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On the Konjuh Mountain near Kladnje: Spring of “Bosnian Viagra”

By: Tarik Dreca An anecdote from my childhood ties me to the Muška voda in Kladanj, because of which I always wanted to visit that place, which came to be this year, after the reopening of the reconstructed hotel and complex with picnic area and sports fields located next to it. As a 6–7-year-old boy,…

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Blagaj, the tourist pearl of Herzegovina

No story about tourism and the beauty of Bosnia and Herzegovina would be complete without mentioning Blagaj. This oasis of peace and natural harmony is located three kilometers from Mostar Airport. The first indirect written sources about the cities of Zahumlje, including Blagaj, come from the "Writings about Nations" of the Byzantine emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus,…

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Discover Bosnia and Herzegovina, the most exciting destination in the world!

Situated in the heart of the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina remains one of the world's best-kept secrets. Those who venture into its embrace are treated to an exhilarating blend of East meets West, with medieval castles, Ottoman bazaars and modern cities coexisting seamlessly. Lush landscapes, punctuated by cascading waterfalls and tranquil rivers, serve as the…

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Majestic Prenj

A journalist and a passionate mountaineer Zehrudin Isaković published the book "Veličanstveni Prenj", which is essential reading for anyone who would like to get to know this mountain in a more detail way. This is already the third book about BiH mountains, and he told Visit BiH Magazine that it was a "hybrid" version, where…

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Ravlić’s cave, a little-known treasure

Ravlić's Cave is located high above the spring of the river Tihaljina, on the outskirts of the hamlet of Peć (Peć Mlini) in Drinovci, Grude municipality. Until recently, the term was known only to those with a narrow interest in archaeology, because it is among the most important prehistoric sites, not only in BiH but…

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Vjetrenica Cave: A fantastic adventure to the Lake

This year, the public company Vjetrenica is again organizing an underground adventure - Veliko Lake. This extremely interesting and visually different tour from the classic visit to the cave offers the hidden world of Vjetrenica, kept in complete darkness with rich decorations. - After the rainy period during the spring, conditions have been met for organizing…

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