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Monday. 11. December. 2017

Old Town Tešanj: Fortress that resisted Eugene of Savoy

The old town of Tešanj was built on the top of a rocky hill, along the river Tešanjka. The fortress consists of two towers and the inhabitants of this small town in Central Bosnia...

Wild Mountains and Untouched Nature: Bosnia and Herzegovina is ideal for snowboard lovers

With better organization and infrastructure, Bosnia and Herzegovina can become a desirable and one of the top destinations for all adrenaline sports lovers. One of them is snowboarding, certainly one of the most popular...

Roman Bridge near Ustikolina: Permanent witness of past times

The Roman bridge near Ustikoline, at the mouth of the Gabeoski stream in the Drina River, has been on the list of national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2005. The bridge in Kozetina...

Jajce – Open Air Museum

Open-air museum and the royal city are labels that Jajce rightfully wears. The beauty of the town in Central Bosnia leaves no one indifferent. Jajce is located at the mouth of Pliva and Vrbas...

Midhat Hubijar: Season on Bjelasnica will last for the whole year

Olympic mountain Bjelasnica is preparing for the new winter season. Employees of ZOI'84 are busily ending installation of vertical transport that will transport skiers and all visitors from Babin do to the top of...

Tourist Board of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton: Season to remember, million tourists visited Mostar

Summer season in Mostar and Herzegovina in general this year is breaking a record. The expectations of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Tourist Board for this year, according to all forecasts, have been fulfilled. According to their...

Sarajevan goldsmiths, brothers Senad and Sead Sofić: Hollywood stars wear our jewelry

Sarajevan goldsmiths and brothers Sead and Senad have been carrying out one of the projects with the National Museum, which is important for our cultural heritage, and those are replicas of jewelery worn by...

Gradačac: Castel of the Dragon of Bosnia was built for almost a hundred years

Gradačac tower, Gradina, Tower of Husein-kapetan Gradaščević or Castel of the Dragon of Bosnia is the main characteristic of this town in the north of Bosnia. It dominates the landscape of Gradačac, erected at...

Legendary train on the narrow-gauge railway in Banovići: Ćiro attracts tourists from all over...

In the memories of all inhabitants of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region, Ćiro, the legendary train, which used to transport pupils, students, and workers, has an important place. Ćiro brought joy. It brought...

The famous bridge on the Drina River: Višegrad Bridge that the whole world is...

The bridge of Mehmed-pasha Sokolović in Višegrad, a famous bridge on the Drina River, was built by one of the most famous architects and engineers of the classical Ottoman period, Mimar Koca Sinan, and...
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