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Stone spheres turned Zavidovići into a tourist attraction

When he played with his friends about 40 years ago in the village Grab - Mećevići, not far from Zavidovići, and on one of the stone balls that decorated a beautiful natural oasis, he...

Vareš: 780 years old blacksmith craft preserved by three masters only

Through a macadam road, along the Krivaje canyon, and then along the river Oćevijica, a 30-minute drive from Olovo to Vareš, and one arrives in an unusual and faraway village on the Zvijezda Mountain...

Sarajevo: Ejub Lazović works half a century as a saddler

Sarajevo Baščaršija is abundant with artisans who for several centuries have preserved ancient artisanship from oblivion and are visited by tourists coming to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarači (masters who make leather...

Are we ecologically ready for tourism development?

The reason for this title, and generally for the topic of this column, is media coverage of the news from the beginning of May, which showed that tourists from one of the Asian countries...

Wonderful lakes of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Everyone is already aware that Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the richest countries in Europe when it comes to water, and beauty of the rivers and lakes is breathtaking. Every year, the tourist...

How touristically competitive is Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Almost all media have placed information at the beginning of this year about the tourism boom of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which has classified this sector of economy into one of the fastest growing sectors...

Airsoft – A team game full of adrenaline and fun

Before we started an adventure with them, they asked us not to understand them as people seeking war and blood. This is above all, they emphasize, an adrenaline sport, socializing, entertainment, the reason more...

15,000 tourists visited Tito’s bunker in Konjic last year

The D-0 ARK (Atomic War Command) facility, a former atomic shelter in Konjic, also known as Tito's bunker, should get a new look and new content in a few months. This imposing concrete building...

Birth house of Ivo Andrić attracts thousands of tourists

Thousands of tourists visit Travnik every year, primarily to see the birthplace of the literary Nobel Prize-winner Ivo Andrić, visit his birth house transformed into a memorial museum, and look for the features and...

Fantastic gems of nature: The most beautiful mountains in B&H

The beauty of mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina simply leave everyone breathless. It's really hard to say which one of the BH mountain is the most beautiful, because each one is unique and authentic...
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