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The smell of spring in Travnik

It started from here, from the Old Town. In the powerful medieval Bosnian kingdom. The town spreads out like the most colorful carpet under its dizzying slopes and solid ramparts. A high bridge connects it over the timid Hendek, which appears abundantly in the spring and dries up suddenly in the first days of summer.

As if on the palm of your hand, you could see from its strong walls who was coming, approaching, or just passing by. And so for centuries until today. As then, as now. Coming down from the fortress, the enjoyment begins with passing through the most colorful carpet in the heart of Bosnia, with a gentle step down the slopes of Varoš and Musala next to our beauty Sulejmanija Mosque, and further through the town of viziers, cheese, Nobel laureates, consuls, world-famous and recognized ćevapi…

Romantic walks

Travnik is rapidly being washed and tidied up for travelers and fellow citizens. For spring and summer, with the smell of first blossom and flocks of meadow pigeons, comes in large numbers. Part of the main square is being arranged. It is the iconic Travnik promenade, a tradition from ancient times, when especially at dusk and early night hours, everyone “merges”, both old and young, and thus begin “walking circles”, socializing, questioning, and flirting and romance.

The Travnik promenade will be adorned with a new fountain and its first flower clock in the town park. On the promenade, around it and in the Marketplace, with the smell of ćevapi and coffee, everything will be bustling in the months ahead. Furthermore, everyone can choose what they like and want. Someone will go and listen to light music in the house of our Nobel laureate, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, or to one of the famous bars in Travnik.

For those who prefer peace, especially on warm nights, Plava voda is the right place for rest and gastronomic pleasure. A place of freshness and cooling, where everything rustles through the play and murmur of water with springs from the depths of the Vlašić Mountain. A place where Travnik’s rich past is intertwined with unique natural beauty.

Those who like romantic walks and escape from the hustle and bustle are in no time across Lašva and its little bridges in an oasis of peace and quiet, and next to the second-oldest Jesuit high school in Bosnia and further on foot to Gornja čaršija and Konak, from where Bosnia was governed for a long time in the Ottoman period.

The old lady

It is no coincidence that one of the most beautiful mosques in Travnik, Hadži Alibey’s with a clock tower and an old sundial, is right there, the only one in the Balkans. The next one is in Istanbul. Nearby, you can find a corner for yourself at the best confectioners in Travnik and later continue the walk right next to the vizier’s mausoleum and the church of St. John the Baptist, down the bazaar to the most beautiful house, the “Old Lady” Hafizadić’s house.

If you get tired of walking, there is Ćiro train for a leisurely ride on warm spring and summer days, because Travnik is also the town of the narrow-gauge Ćiro. Travnik is the town of another Ćiro, Miroslav Blažević, the “coach of all coaches”. Welcome to Travnik.

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