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Protected landscape Vjetrenica – Popovo Field: An unforgettable adventure

After last year’s record season in which the Protected Landscape of Vjetrenica – Popovo polje had almost 17,500 visitors, this year also started optimistically. In the first four months of this year, Vjetrenica has extremely good tourist results, as did the entire municipality of Ravno. Davor Baković, acting director of the Public Company Vjetrenica, said this for Visit BiH Magazine.

-Vjetrenica Cave, accessible to visitors 700 meters from the entrance, offers an unforgettable experience where, with our experienced guides, you can learn about the development of cave jewelry, how caves are formed, witness spectacular panoramas, lakes, streams, learn how bears and leopards lived in Vjetrenica, to see the olm and other species of the rich animal life of the cave – he points out.

Center for Education

Tours of Vjetrenica are organized every hour, accompanied by a guide, and it is open all year round. Vjetrenica got its name from the wind (vjetar) that blows at the entrance to the cave, so it is ideal for escaping from the summer heat of Herzegovina. On the other hand, in winter in Vjetrenica you can witness the power of water, lakes, waterfalls and streams.

– To get to know the entire protected landscape of Vjetrenica – Popovo Field, visit the Info-educational center Vjetrenica, where you can experience the beauty of the landscape and the cultural-historical heritage of the entire area with VR content. Our Info-educational center is free for all visitors, and it is the perfect place to get the full experience of the municipality of Ravno, but also the beauty of the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina – emphasizes Baković for Visit BiH Magazine.

Not far from the cave entrance is the Vjetrenica biospeleological museum, as an additional offer of the Vjetrenica – Popovo Field Protected Landscape. The museum presents a collection of nine thematic units where you can learn about the history of research into the Vjetrenica cave and the surrounding caves in the area of Ravno municipality, but also learn about the importance of protecting caves and biodiversity, considering that Vjetrenica is one of the world’s top in terms of the number of animal species.

Veliko Lake

Vjetrenica is perhaps the most attractive in terms of tourism, but it is certainly not the only attraction in the municipality of Ravno. The outdoor offer, reinforced by a bicycle path that follows the route of the old Ćiro railway from Mostar to Dubrovnik, offers a special experience where you can turn cycling into unforgettable moments, taste the local gastronomic offer, wines and meet the local population who are always ready to host all visitors.

-In addition to the organized visits to the Vjetrenica cave along the 700-meter-long path, in the summer period our visitors have the opportunity to tour Veliko Lake, which is located 1.5 kilometers from the entrance to the cave, with speleologists. The “Big Lake” adventure tour is a unique experience in this part of Europe where you can ride a boat across a 200-meter-long lake in the very heart of the cave, photograph rarely seen parts of the cave, and enjoy the peace where you become an explorer/speleologist for a day. Adventure visits to the lake are made exclusively in the summer period, registrations are open, and you can contact us and book your place by calling +387 63 748 981 or [email protected] – he says.

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