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Nišići Plateau with Ethno house

The Nišić Plateau is located 35 kilometers from Sarajevo on the way to Tuzla. The older name is the Crnoriječka Plateau (Black River – Crna rijeka), after the river that flows through this area, at about 1,000 meters above sea level. It is characterized by clean air and beautiful vastness.

Known for the cultivation of buckwheat in recent years, it is estimated that more than 1,000 dunums of land have been planted with buckwheat. Buckwheat thrives at high altitudes, and the Nišići Plateau is, due to its conditions, ideal for successful cultivation. The quality of buckwheat from here is impeccable, and the potential for growing this cereal, as well as many types of medicinal plants, is immeasurable.

Buckwheat flour

It’s really a sin to pass this place and not try the buckwheat scones with homemade cream, or the dumplings made of buckwheat and sour milk. The region is otherwise known for the production of organic food, so you can find top quality honey and honey products, plum sweets, and various other domestic products.

During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there was a battlefield here. Fierce battles were fought on the slopes of Brda, Polom and Jasen, the traces of which are still visible. Via Kamenica and Zvijezda, you can take the regional road to Vareš, which considerably shortens the journey instead of detouring via Ilijaš and Breza, and the road passes through regions of extraordinary beauty.

Only a few kilometers away is Ethno village, Bey’s Village, as well as the Protected Landscape Bijambare, which is managed by the Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas, the Ajdinovići Sports and Recreation Center and several stećak necropolises, so that various natural and historical attractions are concentrated in a small area, as well as catering and recreational facilities where everyone can find something for themselves; whether one is coming for a day trip, or for a longer stay in order to “purify the lungs” in this real spa in the air.

The Plateau is worth visiting in the summer, when it is a good refuge from the heat, but also in the winter months, when fog prevails in the valleys. On one such day, we also visited this area. After the walk, we visited the Nišići Ethno House, in the village of Zlotege, which is about 1.5 kilometers away from the main road Sarajevo – Tuzla.

Delicious food

Located at 950 meters above sea level and four kilometers from the Bijambare picnic area, it has a children’s park and a parking lot. Among the local specialties, we offer dumplings with cheese, cream and dried meat, turkey with cheese and cream, cooked as well as grilled dishes, veal, and for dessert there are homemade cakes and pancakes, all made from organic ingredients.

You will also be offered perfectly cooked Bey’s soup, don’t hesitate to try it. A very pleasant interior with large panoramic windows allows you to enjoy delicacies with a view that is “paid for in gold”, all at quite affordable prices. In the Etno house, organic products are also offered for sale – buckwheat, wheat, rye and barley flour, teas, organic oils, soaps, and cosmetics – perfect souvenirs or gifts.

At dusk, we left the Plateau and headed back towards Sarajevo, drowned in winter gray and fog, with the promise to return during warmer days, for another dose of “instant nature”.

Author: Tarik Dreca

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