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Kinoteka BiH proudly preserves Picasso’s poster for “Battle of Neretva”

Kinoteka BiH is one of the seven pillars of culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was founded in 1963 within the Archives of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and since 1994 it has existed as an independent institution, The National Film Archive of Bosnia and Herzegovina – Kinoteka Bosne i Hercegovine (Cinematheque of Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Its premises are located in the building of the former Radnički Dom, built in 1882, in Alipašina Street, and its activities consist of archival, research, and display departments.

The film archive of the Cinematheque of Bosnia and Herzegovina consists of two funds – domestic and foreign, whose composition includes feature films, documentaries, short feature films and animated films made in black and white, respectively “color” techniques.

The first part of the films consists of original film materials – negatives of images and tones, film copies and film material synopsis, scripts, recording books, dialogue and the subtitle of domestic films, followed by materials from films: catalogs, films photos, posters.

Among these films are the first sound short-feature film “Love in Sarajevo” shot in 1936, followed by a film made in 1919, near Mostar, “The Treasure Digger of Blagaj”, as well as the film “No Man’s Land” which was awarded prestigious film award Oscar.

One of the most important exhibits that the Kinoteka carefully preserves behind its walls is the poster for the film “The Battle of Neretva” directed by Veljko Bulajić, painted by the famous painter Pablo Picasso. There are also posters of the films “Most” and “Valter Brani Sarajevo” from China, where this accomplishment took away the unprecedented sympathy of the audience.

The second part of the deposited film material is 751 foreign film, some of which received the most prestigious film award, the Oscars such as “Ben Hur” or the art-historical film “Andrei Rublev”.

The total length of the deposited filmstrip in Kinoteka BiH is more than two million meters, as well as a fund of 5,988 different posters of foreign film. An excellent collection of 14,801 newspaper articles is a testimony to the moment of the history of the development of BH cinematography.

Especially valuable are working film photos, albums, and awards at festivals, which with rich fund of 2,724 films VHS and DVD provide great opportunities for researchers, students and fans of the seventh art.

As a member of World Federation of Film Archives, Kinoteka BiH in practice protects and preserves film materials in accordance with the ethical code on copyright protection.

It is important to note that apart from the historical items of Cinematheque, which is a BH national monument, the film material of the Cinematheque of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a mobile well, was also proclaimed a national monument.

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