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Fahrudin Selimović: He cooked for Gerard Depardieu, John Malkovich, Rade Šerbedžija

For many, now known names in the world of culinary art, as early as childhood, it was known that they would be masters in their work. As they were merely children, they would “stir” in the kitchen and “help” grandmas and mums in preparing meals. Simply with this sentence most chefs will answer the question of how it all started.

However, for Fahrudin Selimović, a Sarajevan chef, this could hardly be said. This magician for the Mediterranean cuisine, he is described so by his colleagues, dreamed to be a waiter in his childhood.


However, the dream is one thing, and life is something completely different … – says Fahrudin.

With a smile he reveals to us the secret, which, he says, was probably crucial for what he would do in his life.

– My mother gave birth to me in the kitchen, so that’s fate. There was no time for the doctor and the hospital. My friends know that, so the town may know as well – he says.

His first job was in what was bach then known as Holiday Inn Hotel in Sarajevo, where he worked until 1990, and then went to Germany where he remained until 2003. Upon returning to Sarajevo, he worked in the Vinoteka restaurant, as well as several other hotels and restaurants.

Due to his work, to which he dedicated his soul and body, he has a little free time and has not participated for a long time in any culinary competitions. He will remembered always and he is truly proud of the gold medal won in 1988 when chefs from the whole of our former country competed.

– I remember the jury was delighted by my meal, and I prepared a lamb shank with pilaf. I did not even imagine I would win it. There were many of us, and when I read which names will participate, I thought I had no chance, not even a bronze medal. Nevertheless, life is constantly giving us surprises – he recalls.


For four years now, he has been the main chef of Boccone trattoria, where you can taste specialties of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. The guests are permanent, they come there for years, and the reasons are finest pastas, pizzas and fish specialties prepared by the cheerful hands of the chef Fahro.

In his many years of work, he had the opportunity to cook for many celebrities, from Gerard Depardieu, to whom he made a dish “spaghetti aglio olio”, through Jeremy Irons and John Malkovich, to Rade Šerbedžija, director Srđan Vuletić, our famous photographer Almina Zrna …

-When in Sarajevo, Šerbedžija is in Boccone. It’s just that way. He always chooses something else. I know that last time I prepared for him the steak, and he was delighted – Selimović reveals.

Although he is dedicated to work, it can happen that things go another way. At such moments, it is important, he says, to stay calm and to “extract” the best out of the meal.

– I remember that our guest that night was Donald Haase, former deputy of High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I did not have time, so I brought a raw fish on the table. Luckily, everything ended up well, Donald is not one of those grumpy people, and I got out of situation. Of course, I also remember those more beautiful moments. One evening in Vinoteka we prepared dinner for Katarina Witt and her guests. She was so enthusiastic about the food that, after dinner, she invited the cooking team to the hall to thank us. It is precisely these moments that are worth working constantly – says Selimović.

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