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World brand Hidesign opened a sale facility in Sarajevo

The famous world brand, Hidesign, opened its sales facility in Sarajevo at the address Vladislava Skarića 10. Located right next to the Hotel Europe, the building covers two floors and 170 square meters, and citizens of Sarajevo can find a wide range of leather products and fashion accessories such as briefcases, bags, laptops, backpacks, clothes, shoes, wallets, sunglasses and other small leather products.

At a time when mass production and machines characterize the fashion industry, Hidesign has remained strongly loyal to the craft and innovative design. Without the assembly line, all products are handmade using leather from their own tanneries. Offering a great price and quality ratio, Hidesign luxury pieces make it affordable to those with a smaller budget.

Hidesign believes that every product has a soul, and for more information about the brand and their products, see and

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