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When the heart chooses, Bjela

Known mostly for the Winter Olympics held in 1984, Bjelasnica is considered to be one of the favorite destinations for winter sports fans. Geographically located in the center of the region, it is visited by guests from the area. It is covered with snow from November to May, which justifies its name (Bjela – white).…

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The best ski resorts in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bjelašnica Brusnica Jahorina Kozara Raduša Kupres Vlašić Beauty of mountains in BiH are breathtaking. The visitor cannot say that one is more beautiful than the other is or that they are more beautiful in the summer or in winter. Each is unique, authentic and represents a fantastic gem of BH nature. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a predominantly mountainous country, and this was…

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Season on Bjelašnica could start earlier

The ski season on Bjelašnica, this year should begin earlier. ZOI’84’s director Nevres Alispahić, who points out that all the work on the tracks and overhaul of ski lifts are ending, and that they are just waiting for lower temperatures, so that they can have artificial snow on the trails, confirms this. - We did everything…

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Fantastic gems of nature: The most beautiful mountains in B&H

Treskavica Bjelašnica Cincar Čvrsnica Jahorina Maglić Prenj Volujak Vran Vranica Zelengora The beauty of mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina simply leave everyone breathless. It's really hard to say which one of the BH mountain is the most beautiful, because each one is unique and authentic in its own way, and it represents the fantastic gem of nature. Mountain beauties with their high peaks make four-fifths of the…

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Mountain Bjelašnica: New ski lifts enriched offer for skiers

  Olympic mountain Bjelašnica is one of the largest and most beautiful in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the winter of 1984, Alpine skiing competitions were held on this mountain during the winter Olympic Games and the paths that were then used are in function even today. The public company ZOI '84 has not had significant investments on…

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Midhat Hubijar: Season on Bjelasnica will last for the whole year

Olympic mountain Bjelasnica is preparing for the new winter season. Employees of ZOI'84 are busily ending installation of vertical transport that will transport skiers and all visitors from Babin do to the top of this mountain. As announced from ZOI '84, vertical transport will be in operation from the beginning of November, which will increase the…

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LUKOMIR – the highest and most isolated village in Bosnia and Herzegovina

At almost 1,500 meters above the sea level, there is the highest and most isolated village in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Lukomir. This village belongs to the municipality of Konjic, it is located about 50 kilometers away from Sarajevo and represents a symbol of the historical, cultural, architectural, and environmental heritage of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It…

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