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Nature lover from Jablanica – Dženad Džino: Photographers heat up the imagination of foreigners when it comes to visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina


The municipality of Jablanica, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina, can boasts by great sports names. Suffice it to say that Vahid Halilhodžiž, Hasan Salihamidžić and Mirza Teletović were born in this Hercegovinian town.

In addition to the famous names, the place where the Neretva river flows in the valley between Prenj and Čvrsnica, abounds with beautiful natural treasures, incredible landscapes and interesting history that are almost unrealistic to the local public, but all this is presented in fantastic photographs by former athletes, former footballer Dženad Džino.

Hajdučka vrata

In recent years, very few things promoted Jablanica as Dženad’s photos, which are a real hit among social network users.

– Love for photography is probably something innate. I am a passionate lover of nature and everything related to it. Probably this desire to show people everything that I see and what I encounter during hiking has resulted in me engaging photography. I enjoy hiking, long walks through the nature, discovering new attractive vacation and photo locations – reveals Džindo, who points out that for him the hiking trip without the Nikon D810 and set of lenses is unthinkable.

It’s not easy to carry all that equipment, but the result I get is throwing away all the “negative” sides – says he.

Precisely the birthplace Jablanica, the mountains Prenj and Čvrsnica, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for Džino.

– Nature is truly an inspiration, Jablanica is rich in natural beauties and the very fact that lies in the embrace of two great mountain giant Prenj and Čvrsnica is an inexhaustible source of phenomenal shots, moments, details and natural phenomena. One of my favorite attractive motifs for is the Hajdučka vrata arch at Čvrsnica. A natural phenomenon at 2,000 meters above the sea level, I am happy that they are still standing and defying the time. It is something I would recommend to everyone to visit because it really is worth coming and seeing – says the man born in Jablanica.

Acknowledgment for high-quality work and excellent photographs he also received from the famous magazine National Geographic, which published one of his photographs.

– If we look from the photographic side, I think there are few photographers whose dream isn’t to have their photo in such a magazine, and I have achieved it relatively quickly. This is a photo of the castle in Switzerland on the Leman Lake. Castle Chateau de Chalon – says the winner of numerous competitions in BiH and the region, but emphasizes that his greatest acknowledgment for his work is “The Golden Plaque of the Municipality of Jablanica”.

Out of thousands of photos it is hard to single out the favorite one, and Džino has two. One is the already mentioned photograph that was purchased by National Geographic, while the second on is Hajdučka vrata, but the road to a good photo is all but not easy.

Plans for this year

-I prepare my backpack, three hours of hiking and sleeping outdoors, and then an hour before sunrise, I’m going through the night in the direction of Hajdučka vrata. I come there, and the fog is tick so zou can’t see a thing, or the clouds are above Prenj, so the sun does not show up at the right time … Pack up your things and go home, and so it happened several times. But when you wait for the moment, then there is no end to happiness. For high-quality and desired photography it takes a lot of patience, giving up and free time, and that’s exactly what’s missing today – emphasizes Džino, who says that BH photographers warm up the imagination of foreigners when it comes to visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina.

His birthplace, Jablanica and its surrounding mountains are not the only motives of Dženad Džino. He often bring up a lot of fuzz among his fans on social networks with photos from other BH cities and natural beauties of our homeland. He is already making plans, and he discovered what was in his list of priorities for photographing in 2019.

– There are many locations in BiH that I plan to visit and take photos of in this year, but the first one on the list is the Old Town of Srebrenik. I stayed in this city for seven days in 2015 at the Mountain Rescue Training Course and was astonished by phenomenal moments to be recorded with the camera – reveals Džino.

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