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Mostar Property Management: You rest, we work for you

Do you want to be serious about renting accommodation for tourist purposes? If the answer is yes and you want to make extra money from it, you have certainly done research and concluded that there are two options for managing your accommodation for tourist rental. If you have enough of free time and knowledge, you can do this job on your own or leave it to professionals. Whichever you choose, the question is who will invest their time, effort, knowledge, energy and make more profit, or get the most out of the accommodation facility.

In case you do not have enough time or knowledge, you are in the right place. Mostar Property Management is a professional agency for the Management of Tourist Accommodation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and meets the expectations of its clients.  Seven years of experience, the trust of 100 regular customers, continuous growth, and more than 10,000 satisfied guests speak in favor of this.

Largest community

From the beginning of dealing with the Management of Tourist Accommodation in 2016, until today, they have tested, applied, and perfected the business model to the smallest detail. By using the services of Mostar Property Management, you will join one of the largest communities of accommodation renters in BiH.

Optimized online advertising on all major online accommodation booking channels is the first prerequisite for maximum facility revenue. It is clear that with more booking channels the visibility of the facility will be higher and in order to fulfill this task, the facilities must have a connection to a software module called “Channel Manager”. Mostar Property Management uses accommodation unit management software, integrated with Channel Manager, which enables presence on all leading channels such as, Airbnb, Expedia, Vrbo …

Achieving maximum income is the main goal of every renter. In addition to optimal online advertising, it is necessary to actively engage in “Revenue Management”. The question of all questions of “Revenue Management” is: What is the correct price at the moment? There is no fixed price for a certain period, as the price depends on the relationship between supply and demand at that time, the occupancy of the period, the distance to check-in, personal and competitive booking dynamics, as well as booking prices.

It is very important, both for Landlords and Accommodation Managers, to provide quality communication to guests before and after booking accommodation, providing them with full support until the date of departure, especially if a problem arises. Communication with guests is directly related to reviews and it has been proven countless times that reviews have a direct link to revenue. Mostar Property Management professional communication with guests through artificial intelligence, as well as the Customer Support Department, is available 365 days a year to guests and renters.

There are also administrative tasks that can be extremely demanding. Having facilities on multiple booking channels requires automation, but also administration that will activate them and keep them up to date with all the details of the facility, prices, etc. Using accommodation unit management software provides all the information in one place. Mostar Property Management provides a personal owner interface via mobile application and desktop version. The owner’s interface contains all the details of reservations, arrivals, calendar, prices, statistics, with the possibility for renters to update (un)available dates as well as to enter their own reservations.

Hit Booker Agency

Among the service packages offered by Mostar Property Management, you can choose the Basic Model suitable for existing renters who are not satisfied with the number of reservations, then the Model in which you do nothing, and is suitable for all those who cannot, do not know or do not want to deal with renting the property, and a combination of these models in which Mostar Property Management takes care of guests, but the property owner reserves the right to take care of cleaning the unit and washing the bedding.

Mostar Property Management also owns the Hit Booker Agency, which offers more than 30 luxury villas and has more than 10,000 guests a year. Working directly with villa owners, they provide clients with the best service and the greatest value. All villas have been personally checked, selected and photographed to ensure the appropriate standard as well as accurate and up-to-date descriptions on the site. They choose only the best villas, as well as the kindest owners and hosts. Passion for this business makes them provide guests with the perfect villa with pool for a relaxing and carefree vacation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Book a private villa in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Hit Booker Agency and get away from the modern, stressful rhythm of everyday life. Whether it is Radobolja, Neretva, Buna or Bunica, all rivers in Mostar and its surroundings are characterized by beautiful scenery and climate. You can enjoy the shade of the garden, swim in the pool, plan an unforgettable family dinner, organize an afternoon barbecue.

If you decide to stay in Luxury Villa Verde and have enough courage, you can swim in the cold river Buna, which is located next to the villa.

What about a relaxing holiday with family and friends in one of the villas in Gnojnice like the beautiful Luxury Villa Imperial – with the vineyard views? Guests of this villa spend most of the day in the pool and relax in the jacuzzi by the pool. When staying in the villa, guests have complete privacy, peace and quiet.

Located on the banks of the river Buna in the village with the same name, Villa Idila is an idyllic place for family and friends. Located right by the river with an outdoor pool, a spacious living room and a beautiful garden, it offers exactly what guests need – Ideal for a holiday!

We all know how difficult it is to have a perfect balance between work and life. Therefore, vacation time is becoming more important than ever. Spend quality time with those you love the most by booking one of 40 luxury villas and holiday homes and enjoy Herzegovina.


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