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Ammara Mistrić: I am pumping positive energy with natural beauties of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Young pop-rock singer Ammara Mistrić works hard this summer as well, preparing new songs, making videos and organizing performances with her band. In spite of numerous obligations in the music career, Ammara devoted herself to education, and with many successes, she mastered college obligations.

Beautiful Sarajevan is studying Communications and passing exams without any problems, and when asked how she manages to settle everything, Amarara says in a joke that she sometimes asks herself the same thing.

– Music is my love and it is something I cannot live without. In addition, education is very important to me, I would like to have my own show in the future. That is what gives me the strength to fight for my goals every day – she says.

She is currently working on the video for the new song, for which she signs verses and music. The song is called “Ja te puštam” (I’m letting you go).

– I wrote this sitting along the water with the guitar in my hands. Very soon, there will be a video for the song I wrote for children with cancer and “Parent’s house” – says Ammara.

Due to her numerous obligations, she often needs a break, and she spends most of her time in beautiful landscapes of Bosnia and Herzegovina, from where, she says, she takes a positive energy.

– I am sure that we are not yet aware of the natural beauty we have around here. I would love to write songs, share them with people, sing them and stay in nature for the rest of my life. I am somehow the most productive here. It is my dream to have a little house next to a creek, and as dreams are achievable, I hope this will happen. It is our job to keep dreaming – she says.

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