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Aida Šćuk, a Law School Grad who makes jewelry: She made a brand recognizable in Europe from the hobby

Nowadays, it is common for young people to turn their hobbies into a business idea. During their growing up, many of them found their passion for art, and from what their hobby was, they started their own businesses and proved that everything could be done.

Aida Šćuk, a Law School Graduate, has created a brand that is recognizable even in Europe from her hobby of jewelry making.

Aida creates real little works of art, and everything went spontaneously six years ago. She has always loved jewelry and she was gladly buying it. So one day, looking at the necklace she just bought, she wondered why she would not do the same for herself. That’s exactly how the first piece of her jewelry, necklace, was created.

Numerous orders

-When others saw that necklace, they wanted this model for themselves in a variety of colors – Aida tells us how she started the business.

Soon she decided to open a Facebook profile under the name La Reina, where she posted her work.

-When opening promotion profile for jewelry, I did not have second thoughts about how to call my brand. La Reina means the queen in Spanish. When I see pleasure in girls who proudly wear my jewelry, then I know they feel like queens, and I know that my brand is wearing a striking name – the famous creator points out, adding that her best advertising is just girls who wear jewelry.

Orders started coming more and more, everyone was delighted, but even though everything went spontaneously, La Reina expressly became famous. Women seek earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, rings from Aida’s Workshop.

-My ladies first ask for my advice and my suggestion of what’s best piece of jewelry with the clothes combination they send me, considering the fact that my jewelry is on for various occasions. I really appreciate my customers having a lot of confidence in me and always let me decide. Then I let my imagination fly and my inspiration is at a high level-Aida says.

She thinks her jewelry is special because each piece is made with lots of love and it is unique.

-I think, when you do something in which you invest effort, imagination and love, it must be special and recognizable, and the best indicator of this are my content, constant and new customers – adds Aida.

Good money

The secret of success is in recognizable style of jewelry making and design, and, as she says, when someone has creative genes, then everything is easy and spontaneous. Many BiH celebrities wear Aida’s jewelry on various occasions, and often jewelry is sent outside the borders, the EU and America. She had been cooperating with two girls from Germany, during all these years, who bought and sold her jewelry all over Germany under the brand name La Reina.

-The most important offer for cooperation I had in 2017 when the fashion coordinator Khloe Hirschfeld from America contacted me. He was in charge of the style of many stars, but it difficult for me to send a larger amount of jewelry to America – she adds. She wants to continue promoting her brand in the EU and extending the market there.

She emphasizes that she likes the freedom she has with jewelry, and with the effort and good advertising on the internet, good money is always there.

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