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Treskavica, a mountain of enchanting beauty

There are as many springs in Treskavica as there are days in the year. So says the legend. Such a vast and wild mountain is difficult to explore, so this legend will certainly remain just a legend for now. However, all those who enjoy nature and mountains, and have not visited this beauty before, must definitely do so. Such beauty is hard to find anywhere.

Before climbing, you should definitely prepare well and be informed, and determine the tour you will follow. This is not a mountain you can go to by car, because there are no roads whivh can take you up. If you decide to hike the easiest way, then it is definitely from the village Turovi near Trnovo. Park your car there and continue to the Sustavac mountain lodge.

Murmur of mountaineers

We made the most out of the beautiful autumn weekend, and decided to go on a circular tour over the top of Oblik, Crno and Veliko lakes. When you reach the mountain lodge Sustavac, you decide whether you want to go left, along Hrasnički potok and Glibavac, or right towards the top of Oblik. We turned right. Let us warn you right away that the trail has been pretty much destroyed by cutting down the forest, which, along with bad markings, made it difficult for us to move.

After a little more than two hours of walking, we arrived below the peak of Oblik, which is at 1,876 meters above sea level. It is necessary to go around the top and take narrow serpentines to get to the top, which offers a fantastic view of the surroundings. Since the weather was extremely favorable, in the distance we could see Sarajevo, but also Jahorina, Bjelašnica, and on the other side of Prenj, Čvrsnica, Maglić, Volujak all the way to Montenegro.

After resting for half an hour and enjoying the view, we started to descend to Crno Lake. We passed by the Trokun spring and went around Ilijaš peak, behind which there is a lake. The closer we got to Crno Lake, the louder the murmur of the hikers got. Many gathered around the lake, took photos and rested, and gathered strength to continue the journey.

We came accross a team of mountaineers from Bosanska Krupa. They say that they visited all the surrounding mountains and now they are here. They said, with a slight sadness, that they were sorry there were no such mountains in their area. However, we agreed that they replace the lack of mountains in that part of Bosnia and Herzegovina with beautiful river Una.

The biggest attraction

After a short conversation and taking photos, we continued our journey towards Veliko Lake, where, at the Treskavička jezera mountain lodge, we took another break, took photos and gathered strength to return to the starting point.

Veliko lake is 220 meters long, 185 meters wide, while the maximum depth is six meters. One of the biggest attractions of Treskavica is the Nikola’s and Maidens rocks, as well as the Krajačića gorge.

The descent to the mountain lodge Sustavac took about two hours. The sun was slowly setting behind the peaks of Treskavica and the cold began to pinch the cheeks. We had a quick tea at Sustavac and headed towards Turovi, leaving behind a mountain that enchants us again and again with its beauty.