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Town of the Dragon of Bosnia

There are many reasons to visit Gradačac, a town with a rich history and natural resources. Gradačac is a town in the Tuzla Canton with many places that will delight you, located near the center. In Gradačac, you can enjoy a walk by the Hazna and Vidara lakes, relax in the healing water of the Spa Ilidža, visit the tower of the Dragon of Bosnia and sit in the park below it.

Something that Gradačac is most famous for is the Tower of the Dragon of Bosnia, that is, the tower of Husein Captain Gradaščević. It is in the center of Gradačac, above the city park and defies time and events.

You can enter the tower of the Dragon of Bosnia itself, admire the panorama, see old Bosnian things, as well as the Bosnian room. On the top floor there is a restaurant that serves traditional Bosnian dishes and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding villages.

In the tower are there are towers, gates, a clock tower also known as the Crooked Tower in Gradačac, a mosque, and the family house of Captain Husein Gradaščević. According to historical data, the construction of the tower began back in 1765. The construction of this tower was started by Murat Captain Gradaščević, brother of Husein Captain Gradaščević. He built it together with his father.

Lake Hazna

At the sight of the beautiful artificial lake Hazna, you will have the feeling that you are in Geneva. The lake is decorated with a waterfall, piers, and a promenade. It is located near the Spa Ilidža. This lake is surrounded by a natural landscape, along which there is a path you can walk on. Next to Hazna lake there is a restaurant of the same name where you can stop by and enjoy the view of the lake.

The lake was created in 1967 after the river Hazna and lake Vidara flooded Gradačac in 1964 and 1967. The first stocking of the lake happened in 1967, and before the war Hazna lake was very important and appreciated in Gradačac, where the local population and tourists bathed during the summer months.

Lake Vidara

Like Hazna, Vidara is an artificial lake, but with natural shores, surrounded by forest and coves. Flocks of ducks and swans enjoy this natural environment. It’s great for fishing. There are paths around the lake where you can walk and enjoy the beautiful nature and forest air. This lake is branched, consisting of three larger bays and several smaller ones.

Anglers, nature lovers and all those who want a pleasant walk in nature gather here. It is especially beautiful in spring when everything wakes up and blooms. If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Lake Vidara in Gradačac is the perfect place.

Spa Ilidža

Gradačac is known for its healing springs, and you can experience the healing properties of the water in the Spa Ilidža. The natural thermal mineral water in Gradačac is a treasure, a huge potential that is used as part of the services of the Spa Ilidža in this town. The water in this spa is slightly radioactive, it is used for the treatment of many diseases and conditions, but also for prevention and relaxation.

The water contains many useful elements that help in healing, which is why the water, as well as the spa, has become widely known. It is a modern Center for physical medicine, rehabilitation and spa treatment where various tourists and residents come to be treated or simply relax.

Spa Ilidža has a swimming pool, a Turkish and Finnish sauna, a restaurant, and a sufficient number of rooms to accommodate guests. There are 150 beds in single, double, and triple rooms.

City Park

The city park in Gradačac is interesting, because it is located right below the tower of the Dragon of Bosnia. It is very nicely decorated, there is a lot of shade during the summer days, and this is partly due to the beauty of the old town and the elevation from which the flora can be seen.

Benches have been placed in the park, there are monuments, many trees and ornamental shrubs, as well as paved paths. The park seems to have merged with the tower, so all roads lead you to the tower of the Dragon of Bosnia. Don’t be surprised if you see squirrels among the trees, because they are regular guests in the park.

By: Adela Ambrožić