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Breathtaking beauty: The most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Neretva Rakitnica Drina Sana Trebišnjica Trebižat Una Pliva Buna Vrbas Bosnia and Herzegovina is widely known for its clean and pristine waters. In the high mountains, the rivers spring and feed on mountain streams, then they pave their way through the canyons to the south. All Bosnian and Herzegovinian rivers belong to the Black Sea and Adriatic basin. Most of the big rivers in Bosnia and…

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Bihać: Wonderful city of amazing beauty

It is located in the northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, for centuries a faithful guardian of troubled Bosnian borders; Bihać was and still is protruding end on windswept of bloody wars and conflicts of the world's great empires. The town is situated in a valley on the banks of the cleanest rivers in the Balkans, which…

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Rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Pleasure you will never forget

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The tourist offer of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last few years holds at the top adventurous and extreme sports, and one of them is certainly rafting. Programs available on the market in Bosnia and Herzegovina leave a strong impression on the participants and remain long in their memories. Vrbas, Rakitnica, Drina, Una, Tara,…

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