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Citizens of Tuzla will enter the New Year with Plavi Orkestar Band

Plavi Orkestar, music group, will bring Tuzla citizens in the New Year, at the Freedom Square (Trg Slobode), and in the center of Tuzla a traditional holiday bazaar called Winter Spell will be set on. The center of Tuzla will be in the feast for a month and in addition to the New Year Catholic…

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Tuzla: Production of healthy snacks started

Thanks to the European Union donations, through the project Local Integrated Development (LID), in cooperation with the City of Tuzla and UNDP, the projects of Agricultural Cooperative Agropromet in Simin Han have been supported. Along with that, the company Traditional and Old Craft BUENO, which operates in RPC Tuzla-Incubator "Lipnica", and whose activity is the…

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Tuzla: Sifet Avdić manually produces violins for 30 years

Sifet Avdić from Tuzla is one of several people who manually make violins in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and he made his first violin in 1987. Sifet says this is a difficult job, but it cannot be done if there is no love for music and instruments. - I started dealing with music in 1968 when I…

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IT sector can generate over a billion BAM in revenue annually

The software industry is one of the biggest potentials for development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Between 2,500 and 3,500 programmers is currently working in our country and the needs of the labor market are much higher. The best example of this is the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Tuzla, where there is not a single…

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