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Canoe Safari Teambuilding, a tourist attraction in Trebižat

Rafting on the rivers Drina, Neretva, Tara, Una, Vrbas... is increasingly popular and an exceptional tourist attraction that brings domestic as well as foreign tourists. They enjoy the beautiful areas and river canyons through which rafting tours pass. In addition to extremely attractive rafting, a different type of water attraction full of adrenaline, relaxation and escape…

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Breathtaking beauty: The most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Neretva Rakitnica Drina Sana Trebišnjica Trebižat Una Pliva Buna Vrbas Bosnia and Herzegovina is widely known for its clean and pristine waters. In the high mountains, the rivers spring and feed on mountain streams, then they pave their way through the canyons to the south. All Bosnian and Herzegovinian rivers belong to the Black Sea and Adriatic basin. Most of the big rivers in Bosnia and…

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is becoming a superpower in fly-fishing

One of the oldest fishermen in our country is a 66-year-old Nazif Suzi Fetahović from Travnik. He started fishing when he was just a little boy, and bit by bit he involved in sport fishing professionally in 1983. For more than three decades, he holds a stick and a hook, during that time he made…

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Rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Pleasure you will never forget

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The tourist offer of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the last few years holds at the top adventurous and extreme sports, and one of them is certainly rafting. Programs available on the market in Bosnia and Herzegovina leave a strong impression on the participants and remain long in their memories. Vrbas, Rakitnica, Drina, Una, Tara,…

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