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Stolac, a town with Mediterranean charm

The continuity of the presence of the human community in the area of Stolac dates back 16,000 years, the region is located in a Mediterranean climate where all kinds of fruits thrive, mostly grapes. During the rich history, events took place, conquerors took turns, famous people were born who left their mark in this small…

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National monument near Stolac: The ancient Illyrian town Daorson

The area of Stolac is known for the abundance and diversity of cultural and historical monuments that date back to a time span of about 14,000 years. In this wealth of cultural and historical heritage, the remains of the Illyrian town Daorson somehow fell in the background. It was the capital of the Hellenized Illyrian…

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People lived in the Old Town of Stolac even in the ancient times

The old city of Vidoški in Stolac was founded in the fifth and sixth century, during the time of the Byzantine emperor Constantine, who built a fort in Stolac with the aim of protecting his commercial caravans that went from the west to the east, towards the former Byzantium. After Constantine, the city was abandoned, until…

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Radimlja, necropolis of tombstones called “stećci” in Stolac: The most valuable monuments of medieval Bosnia and Herzegovina

Radimlja, a necropolis of tombstones called “stećci” is one of the most valuable monuments of medieval period in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located in Vidovo polje (Vido’s field), three kilometres west of Stolac, on the Čapljina-Stolac road. This is one of the most valuable and the most significant “stećak” necropolis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, due…

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