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Buna Canals: The place where Buna kisses Neretva

How many times have you passed from Mostar towards Chapljina and further towards the Adriatic Sea, without stopping at the Buna Canals? This protected nature monument is located near Buna, south of Mostar, along the main road M-17 Mostar. The Buna Canals are slightly more than 12 kilometers from Mostar and it is possible to…

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Vjetrenica Cave: A fantastic adventure to the Lake

This year, the public company Vjetrenica is again organizing an underground adventure - Veliko Lake. This extremely interesting and visually different tour from the classic visit to the cave offers the hidden world of Vjetrenica, kept in complete darkness with rich decorations. - After the rainy period during the spring, conditions have been met for organizing…

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Mostar: Construction of Residential Complex Cesar’s Residence Started

Company Cesar's Ltd. began the construction of the exclusive residential complex Cesar's Residence, located on the banks of the Neretva River, in H. Zahirovića Lace Street, in Mostar. The project is in the first phase of construction, and the works should be completed by the end of February 2019. The residential building will contain 20…

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“Days of Cherry“ in Mostar

The International Fair of Economy, Agriculture, Food and Tourism "Days of Cherry 2018" will be officially opened on June 19 in the former Merkur shopping center in Mostar, Vrapčići. This year's partner of the Fair is Čair Municipality from Skopje. During four days of the Fair, it is planned to establish the long-lost links between…

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Holiday joy in the city of Neretva

The Citizens Association Advent in cooperation with "Mostar Fair" this year have made efforts to bring a festive mood to the city on Neretva River. The Advent door will open on December 3, so Mostarians will have the opportunity to enjoy the winter holiday atmosphere. The winter city, organizers promise, will provide everything that the…

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