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Tourist potential of Nišići: Ethno Bey’s Village and Bijambare

Ethno Begovo selo/Bey's Village is located on the Nišići Plateau, a location that was chosen because that mountain region with all its natural beauty and cultural and natural diversity represents Bosnia in miniature. The village was built from original materials, some of which are hundreds of years old, using techniques used in that period. A…

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The most beautiful caves in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich in natural beauties, and besides beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, forests there are numerous caves. In addition to hiding a diverse, mysterious flora and fauna, Bosnian and Herzegovinian caves are becoming baits for numerous tourists and adventurers. Stalactites, stalagmites, meanders ... are just some of the cave decorations that are enchanting…

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The natural beauty of Bijambare leaves everyone breathless

The protected landscape of Bijambare is 40 km away from Sarajevo, on the way to Tuzla. It is one of the few excursions in Bosnia and Herzegovina that suits all nature lovers - it is a true ambience for those who like walking, caves, clear waters, pine forests, recreation, and total silence. Zerina Čelik The two-kilometer-long road…

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