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Banja Luka: 22 tourist events this year

The city of Banja Luka will financially support 22 tourist events this year. The planned events relate to a range of content that can attract tourists from cultural and adrenaline events to the gastronomic festivals. Thus, their place in the calendar of events planned, among other things, found chocolate, wine and beer festivals, as well as…

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Fortress Kastel – guard and decoration of Banja Luka

The oldest historical monument in Banja Luka and the unique jewel of this town is the Fortress Kastel.Ramparts of Kastela are located in the center of Banja Luka on the left bank of the Vrbas River and for centuries they testify to all (un) fortunes that crossed this area. Today, Fortress Kastel is a monument…

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Banja Luka boats are unique in the world

Banja Luka is one of the few cities in the world that has its own boat, which only floats on the part of Vrbas that flows through this city. It is a well-known boat - dajak, one of the main symbols and tradition keepers in the beautiful city of Krajina. It is also called "the Banja…

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What is a must see when tourists visit Banja Luka

The short version of the Banja Luka tour includes several segments, and the tourist guide Zoran Sanković explained for Visit B&H what should not be missed if you are a tourist in the town on the Vrbas River. First, it is the very center of the city that includes the Krajina Square, Gospodska Street, the park…

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Visits to the Banja Luka came to its historic peak

Banja Luka has recorded historical maximum in the past years in terms of tourism, and since 2017, it has been actively working on regional promotion, with an emphasis on active holidays and festivals. At Banja Luka Tourist Board they say that this city's great chance is on the regional tourist market, the position of Banja Luka…

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Banja Luka: Zimzograd this year on three locations

In the heart of Banja Luka, for five years in a row, Zimzograd is organized, which, during December and early January, brings a special winter spell to the city on the river Vrbas. This year's Zimzograd, which will be held from December 1 until January 2 next year, brings a lot of novelties, and the…

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Banja Luka: Legend of beautiful Safikada testifies to eternal love

Probably the greatest legend, if not in entire Bosnia and Herzegovina, at least in Krajina, is the one about Safikada - an unfortunate girl who committed suicide, according to the story, because of unfulfilled love. Safikada is one of the most famous attractions of Banja Luka, which, as it usually happens in this area, has…

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The world’s most mysterious cheese is produced in Banja Luka

More than 130 years ago, the production of the most mysterious cheese in the world began - the Banja Luka cheese, Trappist or Monk cheese. The word of this unique and widely known cheese, whose consumption has always been a matter of prestige, and whose recipe is transmitted verbally and only one man knows it,…

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