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Stojčevac complex within “Vrelo Bosne” Nature Monument

It is beautiful to look at the sun-bathed Stojčevac in a new outfit from Igman. Stojčevac complex is located at the foot of the Igman mountain, within the “Vrelo Bosne” nature monument. Stojčevac has long been recognized for its exceptional beauty and it is very popular.

In 2006, the Sarajevo Canton Assembly declared Vrelo Bosne a Natural Monument, and since then the formal legal protection of this area has begun. Stojčevac complex is within the scope of the Vrelo Bosne Nature Monument, in the buffer zone, i.e. the II protection zone. Considering the level of protection, the vegetation of this area shows exceptional stability and functionality.

Due to its pedological and hydrological characteristics, the area of Stojčevac is an area of exceptional diversity of flora and fauna. At the very entrance, you leave your car and embark on an adventure called Stojčevac complex. On the left side, for those who want to exercise, there is fitness equipment. If you want to awaken other senses and not simply move, you can take a walk along the well-maintained paths, enjoy the chirping of birds and the sounds of nature.

One of the trails takes you to the former Tito’s mansion and you go back in time for a moment. If you are quiet enough, you can also see a fox that comes down from the slopes of Igman to look for food. Walking further through the orchards and past the meadow ecosystems, you come across the Stojčevac spring, which slowly but surely fills the Stojčevac lake with water and hides the river crayfish Niphargus illidzensis, an endemic species that is exclusively related to this watercourse. This entire area, including meadow ecosystems, is home to numerous plant and animal communities.

Since it is so valuable and rare, it should be well known, which is why Stojčevac has recently been decorated for visitors. The tourist furniture was very carefully specified in order to fit into this natural rarity.

Benches and coolers have been installed for resting, in order to take a break from walking along the well-maintained paths through the area. Sitting on the benches, you can rest your eyes looking at Stojčevac Lake surrounded by black alder trees, guarding the coast and protecting the home of numerous rare and endangered species of amphibians, reptiles and birds.

The lake is fenced and a path has been made so that visitors can enjoy the view without disturbing the natural processes. Walking paths pass by the meadows where the most diverse types of plants grow, which, blooming in the spring, give extraordinary beauty and charm to this area.

In order not to disturb this natural harmony, there are trash cans next to each bench. Come, enjoy and talk about the beauties of Stojčevac complex, a potential nucleus, a landscape of exceptional aesthetic value. Let’s preserve this gem and leave it for generations to come.