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Jajce will be a center of the summer tourism

Museum under the open sky and a Royal City are synonyms that Jajce proudly and rightly carries.  The beauty of this Middle Bosnia town leaves no one indifferent. It is placed at the mouth of Pliva and Vrbas rivers and it is well known for its lakes, waterfall, water mills, national monuments…

Jajce was the capital of the Bosnian kings, and until 1463, the last Bosnian king Stjepan Tomasevic reigned in it. Numerous important historical events took place in this city, and all these are sufficient reasons for Jajce to be among the most visited tourist destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Season Opening

Local institutions are aware of this, thus they have been preparing numerous events every year, which will additionally improve the tourist offer itself, but also increase the number of visits. This year is no exception. With the wholehearted help of the Municipality of Jajce, preparations have been going on for some time now for the upcoming summer season, and they are working diligently on numerous events that will be held in the Royal City this year.

They say that nothing should be left to chance, and this year Jajce will be one of the towns that will offer visitors the most and the best facilities. Anto Brtan, director of the Agency for Cultural-Historical and Natural Heritage and Development of Tourist Potentials in the city of Jajce, says for Visit BiH Magazine that preparations are in full swing and that the opening of the summer season is planned for the end of April.

– At the end of June, we will have a new festival “Royal Party in Jajce” where we are planning concerts by Željko Bebek and Doris Dragović – says Brtan.

According to him, the event “Days of the Middle Ages” will be held on the first weekend in July. It is an event that attracts a lot of attention, and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the planned entertainment through which the way of fighting, entertainment, and functioning of the medieval kingdom is presented.

– In the same month, we will have a concert by Dženan Lončarević at the Fortress. Moreover, the Desant (Descent) on Jajce will be held on the last weekend of the seventh month. We are currently negotiating with the performers, and most likely Mostar Sevdah Reunion will play one night, S.A.R.S and Kiril Dzajkovski on the second, and DJ David Morales on the third night, with the support of local DJs – says Brtan.

He emphasizes that this year, too, there will be cooperation with the Sarajevo Film Festival (SFF), and that a screening of the best films, along with appropriate concerts, will be held after the SFF in Sarajevo.

– On the second weekend of August, the traditional international jumps from the waterfall in Jajce will be held, followed by entertainment in the evening – he says.

According to him, a ceremonial opening of the king’s grave is also planned in June. The renovation work should start very soon, and he is confident that he will be able to organize everything on time.

– This is planned on the occasion of commemorating the 560th anniversary of the death of King Stjepan Tomasevic, and we are preparing an appropriate program for this event. I believe that the contractors will prepare everything on time – says Brtan.

Cultural manifestations

Jajce is also known for numerous cultural events that are organized every year. This year is no exception. Fikret CanCar, director of the Jajce Cultural Center, says for Visit BiH magazine that they have three main cultural events in the summer season.

– Festival of spiritual poetry and music “Plivske omahe – bosanskohercegovačko višeglasje” which is being held this year for the 16th time, in the period from May 3 to 10. At this event, there will be several themed evenings, one of which is the commemoration of 120 years of cultural societies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, primarily the Preporod. One day will be dedicated to religious communities and charity, we are also preparing several exhibitions, and on the last day an evening of spiritual music – says Cancar.

According to him, the second and most important event is the BiH Theater Games, which are being held this year from July 1 to 8.

– In the competitive part, the best plays in BiH from the previous season will be performed. This year marks the 42nd theater festival and the 52nd year of its existence. This is the oldest, most important and largest theater festival where the best participants of theater life in BiH and beyond gather – he points out.

The third major cultural event in Jajce is the art colony “Jajce Art”, which will be held from July 25 to 28 and will bring together artists from the region. This year there is also interest in artists from Europe.

– For three days, artists prepare works of art with the sights of our city and they remain in the permanent display of the city gallery. In addition, we have other events such as the exhibition of the academic painter Elvedina Hrustanovic-Sehic, which will be held at the beginning of May. There is also an exhibition of doctor of art and painter Meha Causevic. There will also be an exhibition of photographs by Borislav Kresojevic from Jajce – says Cancar.

He emphasizes that this year the “September Evenings” festival will be revived. It started before the war and continued the tradition after the war, but it was shut down a few years ago.

-As part of this festival, we will try to organize a meeting of writers and a poetry evening. There is also an exhibition of photos of our fellow citizens, regardless of whether they are engaged in photography professionally or amateurs. One evening we plan to have an evening of folklore and songs, and we are also thinking about a gastronomic exhibition where we will present traditional dishes from the Jajce region – he points out at the end of the conversation.