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When you decide to get a dog

When a person decides to get a dog, the first question they ask themselves is usually: What kind of dog do I want? The answer can be: a big dog, a small dog, white, black, brown, a certain breed... However, it should be kept in mind that choosing a dog solely based on appearance usually…

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First time in Sarajevo: Italian fashion in the colors of autumn

After the ceremonial opening of the first UPIM store in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the beginning of this year and presentation of a completely new assortment of the Italian fashion brand for the whole family, a unique collection in autumn colors for 2022 has arrived at the UPIM branch. Autumn collection offers perfect pieces of clothing…

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Hamid Hadzic’s recipes

Aščikadunine sarmice Ingredients: 2 eggs, 20 g flour, 0.03 l of olive oil, 50 g chicken meat, 60 g of young cheese, 30 g of cream, 30 g of parmesan, 0.05 l of mineral water, spices as needed. Preparation procedure: Make pancakes from flour, mineral water, salt and eggs. Fill pancakes with a mixture of cooked chicken from…

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Armin Jašari’s Recipes

Pastry cream Ingredients: 500 ml of milk, 1 vanilla stick or 1 spoon of vanilla extract, 100 g of sugar, 4 egg yolks, 50 g of starch flour. Preparation: Out of the total amount of milk, separate 100 ml and put the rest in the bowl together with the seeds of vanilla flavor or extract and heat to…

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