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ROOF GARDENS – evolution of the city life

Just 10 minutes from the center of Sarajevo, ROOF GARDENS brings a new concept of living. Tenants and visitors of this unique residential and business complex will find top-quality service, peace, quiet, and clean, smog-free air 365 days a year.

We’re revealing which facilities this complex offers, what makes ROOF GARDENS so special and unique in the region, and why we believe it will be an appealing location for all future visitors.

Amila Kamenjaš, sales manager, points out that ROOF GARDENS is located on the roof of the city, at the very beginning of the coniferous forest, representing a new symbol of the city that exudes tradition and elegance of modern design and brings the evolution of city life. In addition to bringing tenants a completely new experience of everyday life, parts of this complex will also be open to visitors. This, among other things, is the very purpose of ROOF GARDENS – to gather a community of people who share the same values: love for nature and healthy life.

The creative duo with more than 25 years of international experience in the field of hotels, catering, real estate sales, and project management from Dubos Consulting, Amer Ćorić and Mirza Karić, work intensively on providing the key amenities and the very concept of facility management.

While discussing the choice of location, they emphasize that Trebević has become even more closely connected with the capital through its contents in the last few years and has become a city park that Sarajevo residents and tourists use both during the day and also after working hours.

“The development of Trebević began 7 years ago when a regulatory plan was created for the needs of the Sunnyland amusement park. The positive experiences and satisfaction of the citizens of Sarajevo and the nearby areas while spending time in nature resulted in new projects that contribute to the evolution of city life. We are glad to be a part of all these projects and activities that drive the development of Trebević,” Mirza Karić points out.

“The implemented projects and projects under construction have created a completely new ecosystem and given new value to the dormant beauty of Trebević. Many more interesting amenities are planned in the coming years that will turn Trebević into the most attractive part of Sarajevo while simultaneously preserving its natural environment.” points out Amer Ćorić, and adds that Trebević can now be reached by car, bicycle, cable car, on foot, and soon also by the ROOF GARDENS shuttle service.

Additionally, the local community is intensively reconstructing the infrastructure for a better traffic connection. This stress-free and traffic-free location is an ideal place for going out, socializing, or business meetings, which inspired some of the facilities of ROOF GARDENS.

The facilities are unified, so everyone who chooses ROOF GARDENS as their future home or uses some of the complex’s services has access to wellness and spa, excellent gastronomic offer throughout the year, outdoor workouts, pleasant walks, or cycling with the family, and all that near your home. A kindergarten will be built within the facility itself, representing additional convenience and value for those who want to experience this new way of living.

“Our tenants, as well as everyone who decides to take advantage of our unique approach and the natural environment of Trebević, can ensure their children grow up surrounded by nature, receive the highest quality service, and experience lots of fun and useful content. Our goal, with the support of Dubos Consulting, is to partner up with a renowned kindergarten manager in Sarajevo,” emphasizes Amila.

The Dubos Consulting team says that everything is ready for the arrival of the world-famous restaurant chain, which chose ROOF GARDENS as its first location in the region. It is a franchise of a global restaurant chain that operates in more than 60 locations worldwide and has over 7 million guests annually. This restaurant will have a unique view of Sarajevo, thus bringing a completely new atmosphere for your next dinner with friends or business partners.

The wellness and gym will also be open to the public and offer a completely personalized approach with a personal trainer and nutritionist advice. “Our goal is for ROOF GARDENS to bring happiness, satisfaction and personal peace to every individual who decides to visit,” our they point out.

In the end, ROOF GARDENS SQUARE is largely distinguished by a square with an amphitheater that will be a place for socializing, business and private meetings, exhibitions, film screenings, and other cultural events. As part of the ROOF GARDENS business segment, there will be a tobacco/gift shop, a cafeteria, a concept store for home decoration, a deli, a beauty salon, as well as a clinic with various medical services so that tenants will have all the necessary facilities in one place.

The ROOF GARDENS and Dubos Consulting teams are available for more information on selling apartments or renting business premises. For more information on the project and business facilities rental please visit