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Tourist Board of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton: Season to remember, million tourists visited Mostar

Summer season in Mostar and Herzegovina in general this year is breaking a record. The expectations of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Tourist Board for this year, according to all forecasts, have been fulfilled.

Hutovo blato

According to their records, there was a significantly higher number of visits than in the previous few years. During this season, according to estimates and statistical data from the Tourist Board, about 1.5 million tourists visited this canton, of which about one million were registered. About one million tourists, of which about 400,000 were registered visited Mostar itself, according to the Tourist Board.

Great interest

The number of tourists visiting Mostar and this canton is difficult to know in reality, because there is a bad system of registration of tourists, so the actual number of visitors is always far greater than the one presented.

According to Semir Temim, deputy president of the Tourist Board, this season was so far the best, and the fact is that year after year an increase is recorded.

– We had tourists from all parts of Europe, but also from other continents. Our entire canton, from Neum in the south to Konjic in the north, had exceptional visits throughout the season – emphasizes Temin, adding that he cannot isolate any of the beauty of Herzegovina, especially because everyone was interested in everything.

We can only be grateful, he points out, that tourists are increasingly coming and staying, and that the season has significantly prolonged.

Semir Temim

-I’m sure that in the post-season we will have a lot of tourists in our canton – Temim said.

However, for the time being, it is ungrateful to talk about the number of tourists who will come in the postseason, but he is convinced that the overall picture of the entire 20017 will be significantly better than the previous one.

While counting successes of the past season, the Tourist Board continues to promote the beauty of Herzegovina in order to attract even more tourists.

Thus, the Tourist Board presented all the segments of the Herzegovinian tourist offer, and the new tourist project “Agro tourism of Herzegovina” at the international tourism fair in the Italian city of Rimini in mid-October.

International Fairs

The International Tourism Fair has profiled itself in recent years as the most important stock exchange for tourism professionals, and has an increasing significance every year, bringing together over 2,400 exhibitors from 100 countries. This month they will go to the Warsaw Fair and then to London.


-We plan to actively work on promotion in the winter because it is obvious that it benefits. I am glad that these investments are coming back, that people in Herzegovina have more and more jobs from tourism – emphasizes Temim.

When it comes to the “Agro tourism of Herzegovina”, he points out that the final works are in progress. Currently, the road signs are being prepared, which will be set up in the coming months, and already there are maps and brochures that will be part of the offer at the forthcoming fairs. The expectations of this project are great, and we hope that they will flourish from next year.

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